Herefords pulling a hat-trick in Bandon mart

Another smashing week for Herefords this week in Bandon mart with Hereford calves making between €220 upto €425 per head.

Heifer calves mainly sold for between €200 and €380 per head with a small number of lighter type calves sold for less but those calves are helping keep prices at a high level.

Speaking to the Irish farmers Journal; Mart manager – Tom McCarthy said the numbers of calves showing for sale are up but also the calves showing are stronger and that bit older. Tom said “farmers are really maximizing their calf value by selling at between three and six weeks of age”.

Tom also said there are 10,200 calves born this year already ahead of this time last year and they are expecting 1,000 calves to be sold through Bandon mart in the next two weeks.

***Article & photos credited to Irish Farmers Journal online 1st February 2021***

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