In this week’s Irish Hereford Calf Rearing Series we visited the farm of Paul and Cian Bohan from Cloone, Co. Leitrim. The Bohans were selected by the Connacht Hereford Branch to rear a Hereford cross calf for charity. Paul and Cian divide their time between the family farm, playing GAA for their local club and helping their father Padraig with Irish draught horses. The brothers, from a young age, have always had an interest in farming, especially cattle – “They have always been helping their parents on the farm since they were young”.  The Bohan duo are farming alongside their father Padraig where they have five Pedigree Hereford cows under the herd prefix ‘Gortfadda’.

Cian & Paul Bohan

Love for Herefords 

Father Padraig has been breeding and showing Irish draught horses for the last number of years and he always wanted to get a traditional breed of cattle to run alongside the horses – this led him to pedigree Herefords. He chose Herefords as Hereford genetics can maximise the value of a cow herd by leveraging; fertility, feed efficiency, profitability and docility. Father Padraig loves Irish draught horses but Cian and Paul’s love lies with Pedigree Herefords.

The Bohan brothers are very well known within the Hereford show circles and are currently making big names for themselves in the Next Gen Herefords. Within the show circles – Paul recently won the Junior Young Handler Championship at Longford Agricultural show last July past. This was a huge achievement for the young handler – it shows that his time and hard work is really paying off. The lads love showcasing their pedigree Hereford cattle at numerous shows throughout the country as they love meeting young farmers with a passion for breeding Hereford cattle. The duo are also great friends with Eoin, Liam & Daire O’Reilly who are also rearing a Hereford cross calf as part of the programme. The crew make a great team and together they attend various shows and Hereford events.

Chosen Charity

Speaking about raising a calf for charity, the family said that they are delighted to team up with Irish Hereford Prime to rear a calf for charity. Paul and Cians father Padraig has said that it is great for the lads to be involved and they have really enjoyed rearing the calf. 

The Bohans have chosen to support the Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland with the money raised going towards the Alzheimer’s Unit in Co. Leitrim. The unit raises money for the raise while providing practical support to people with the disease and their families.

The O’Reilly & Bohan crew

For Performance, Premiums & Profit

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