Certified Hereford Irish Beef

The Irish Hereford Breed Society has teamed up with Slaney Foods International & Liffey Meats Ltd.  to provide Certified quality Irish Hereford beef.

CHIBThe award winning Certified Hereford Beef is currently available at all LIDL Ireland stores under the “Inisvale Selection” label & the “Deluxe Selection” label. A Gold Star award winner at London’s Great Taste Awards the product consistently delivers traditional quality and flavour together with the tenderness expected from great tasting Hereford beef. Official April 2014 Lidl-Logo_4C_OLThe massive growth in sales of the product since first introduced to LIDL shelves in August 2012 has been extraordinary and a testament to the quality of the product.

Suppliers to the project are Irish beef farmers who produce Hereford cattle grazed on Ireland’s lush green pastures which meet the exacting standards of the Bord Bia Quality Assurance Scheme and the breed specific requirements to qualify for inclusion.

FilletProcessing at Slaney Foods International & Liffey Meats Ltd. is carried out to the highest international standards in an ultra-modern processing facility producing only the highest quality beef.

Additional producers/suppliers are required to service a constantly growing market.

For information and details on a comprehensive premium structure please call Eamonn Moulds in Slaney Foods International at 087 677 9567.

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Certified Irish Hereford Beef Fillet Steak has been awarded the World Steak Challenge Gold award in 2019 following a silver award in 2018. Hereford beef has earned a well deserved place on the winning platform! This is positive news for Hereford beef which has also earned the title of most flavorsome beef which is likely to become a very important selling point for Irish Beef producers – see HERE for more info.

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