Irish Hereford Prime

Irish Hereford Prime was established in 1997 by like minded Hereford breeders and beef producers in order to market their beef.
With the support of the Irish Hereford Breed Society, a dedicated Hereford producer scheme was put in place. This producer group has grown steadily to over 5000 members throughout Ireland helping to ensure a continuous supply of suitable cattle.

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Irish Hereford Prime teamed up with ABP to form a dedicated supply chain, working together to deliver beef of superior eating quality under the Irish Hereford Prime brand. In response to the growing demand the processing of Hereford Prime has been extended from ABP’s plant in Nenagh to other ABP facilities throughout Ireland. The ABP group is pro-active in pursuing new opportunities and markets for Hereford Prime throughout Europe.  As the company has grown and become more & more successful they have also partnered with the Kepak Group. This has further expanded Irish Hereford Prime’s market poll and enabled them to reach build on their customer base. This integrated co-operation has enabled Hereford Prime to become a unique brand, and a major success.

Hereford beef is defined by its finely grained marbling and characteristic taste and tenderness. Its consistency has also made it a favourite among retailers and chefs alike.


All farmers wishing to participate in the Certified Hereford Beef scheme and receive a bonus for their stock must become registered members of Irish Hereford Prime.

There is a 12c per kg extra to be received for all stock that qualify under the scheme. Qualifying criteria includes;

  • All  Hereford animals must be classed as Hereford (HE or HEX) on their animal passport.

  • Only Hereford steers and heifers are accepted for certification.

  • All Hereford cattle must be under 30 months of age to qualify.

  • The members herd must be approved under the Bord Bia Sustainable Beef and Lamb Assurance Scheme.

  • Only carcasses between 240kg and 380kg will be eligible for certification.

  • All Hereford cattle must grade an O= or better.

  •  Hereford cattle must be finished to a fat score from a 2+ to a 4+.


Certified Irish Hereford Prime Beef has been awarded several awards over the years and in recent times including;

  • Signature Tastes Beef Fillet – The Irish Food Awards 2020
  • Irish Hereford Prime Fillet Steak – The Irish Food Awards 2020
  • Kepak Signature Tastes Rib Eye Steak – The Irish Food Awards 2020
  • ABP Foodgroup Dry Aged Irish Hereford Prime Rib Eye Roast – The Irish Food Awards 2020
  • Hereford Striploin Steak – SuperValu’s Signature Tastes Hereford Silver Award


Irish Hereford Prime organise and facilitate several initiatives i.e. Best of Beef. stock judging, farmer of the year etc.

For all the latest on Irish Hereford Prime have a look at their website; and for general enquiries about Irish Hereford Prime please email

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