Spring Society Sales 2021

Irish Hereford Prime will sponsor €200 towards the top five highest priced bulls in Nenagh


All Hereford breeders & family members of breeders’ aged 30 and under who are interested in joining a Hereford Youth programme – please email; irishhereford@gmail.com or contact the IHBS Facebook page for more info.

Irish Hereford Youth ICBF Event – Monday 19th April at 8pm via Go To Meetings! Email Louise via irishereford@gmail.com for the access link to the meeting & more info!


Info about the North Leinster Hereford Branch Calf-Rearer Photo Competition 2021 available HERE & on the North Leinster Hereford Facebook Page!


From Conception To Consumption You Can Rely On Hereford. Beef with the “Wow” factor

The Irish Hereford Breed Society provides all the information you need on the Hereford Cattle Breed in Ireland, including the latest news, and latest information on shows and sales.

Top four reasons to pick Hereford

  1. Increase your profits
  2. Ease your Workload
  3. Ideal Carcass Size
  4. Sell livestock at a premium price.

If those four reasons sound good to you, Irish Hereford is the breed of cattle you are looking for. Hereford will give you excellent meat quality, easy calving ability, good fertility, adaptability and excellent temperament, so if you are not already the proud owner, see all the reasons to choose the Hereford breed on Why Choose Hereford? and watch our video below.

Hereford cattle breeders through the Irish Hereford Breed society have won many awards and accolades for its high quality product, including the world’s best steak award and the more recent win by Certified Premium Hereford Irish Beef at the Great Taste Awards. Check out Certified Irish Hereford Beef and Irish Hereford Prime for all the information you need and some great recipes from our partner Lidl.


Hereford cattle have earned a reputation for reliability, docility, fertility ease of calving, and the efficient conversion of grass to red meat. It is one of the most efficient beef production units on the globe.

The black Hereford Friesian calf has been a market leader without parallel for decades. At any stage in his growth a Hereford cross Friesian animal is saleable at a premium price. No other breed can compete as a crossing sire  with the Hereford. See our Irish Hereford Dairy Brochure to get the facts as to why Irish Hereford is also an ideal choice for dairy farmers.

view our online video:

For Performance, Premiums & Profit

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