The next participant in the Irish Hereford Calf Rearing series is South Leinster Hereford breeder; Anna Jacob from Dunsinane Herefords in Wexford.

Anna & her Herefords *Photo Credit That’s Farming

Breeding Hereford cattle runs deep in Anna’s veins – her great grandfather initially purchased the holding at Dunsinane, which her grandfather, later inherited and began breeding Hereford cattle in the 1960s. Anna’s dad, Glenn, later took the enterprise’s reins and now farms a prize-winning 65-cow pedigree Hereford herd, with the help of Anna.

Glenn & Anna *Photo Credit Irish Hereford Prime

The farm’s primary system is to breed autumn/spring-born Hereford bulls predominantly for the dairy herds and some suckler herds. The Jacobs also run a tillage operation and a calf-to-beef system. “The most enjoyable part of farming for me has to be livestock” comments Anna who thinks if she didn’t have that connection to animals on the farm her life would be much different today.

College life

Anna has just completed her degree in Animal & Crop Production in UCD and is planning to travel abroad this Winter to gain experience working on farms and caring for animals abroad. The Wexford native thoroughly enjoyed her time in UCD and has realised that there are opportunities and diverse options out there for young people to work in agriculture. The social aspect of college life also attracted Anna to UCD and being an out-going person she enjoyed mixing with like minded peers.

Chosen Charity

Anna is rearing a Hereford Cross Bull Calf in aid of Crumlin Children’s Hospital. This is a vital service in Ireland that provides life saving care and comfort to children and their families from across the country.

We wish Anna well on her journey of calf rearing & we look forward to meeting in GVM Tullamore on 18th November. We also wish Anna well on her travels later this year.

Ann with her Hereford Cross bull calf

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