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€3500 tops the trade at Kilkenny May bull sale

Mervyn & Henry Parr of Tourtane Herefords, Kilkenny had a very successful day at the Kilkenny Multi-breed bull sale last Wednesday. Tourtanepoll 1 Ryan 1197, born in November 2019, was bred from Kye Harry 789. With a Four Star Terminal Index and a low calving difficulty of 2.3%, Ryan was sold to a Waterford farmer for €3500, the top price for Herefords on the day.

Tourtanepoll 1 Ryan 1197 sold for €3500.

Balleen Herefords also had great success when the hammer dropped on €3000 for Balleen Rollercoaster. Rollercoaster, bred by Tom Brennan of Balleen Herefords, Kilkenny, was born in February 2020. This young bull is a 3/4 brother of Balleen Val (now standing in Dovea AI station) and along with having a Four Star Replacement Index – has a low calving difficulty of just 1.3% on beef cows & 4% on heifers, below the average.

The average price from the Hereford bull sale was €2475 with almost all of the bulls presented for sale being sold on the day.

€3900 tops the Nenagh May Hereford Sale

The final Irish Hereford Breed Society Bull sale for Spring 2021 was held last Saturday in Nenagh mart. There were a large number of entries with 49 bulls catalogued, however the strong demand for Hereford bulls that has been seen consistently this Spring along with strong home sales left many of the bulls being sold previous to the sale.

There was over 50% clearance rate on the day & the average price paid out was just shy of €2500 at €2479.

The top of the town was earned by Moyclare Seamus, bred by Michael Molloy of Moyclare Herefords, Offaly, who sold for €3900 to a Kerry Dairy Farmer. Born October 2019, Seamus was sired by Church Hill Nigel and holds a Five Star Terminal & Five Star Replacement Index as well as having Five Stars for Carcase Weight & Carcase Conformation.

Moyclare Seamus sold for €3900.

It was a successful day for new breeder; Michael Browne, of Gortacullin Herefords, Clare, who brought out Gortacullin Donald for the breeders first day at the sales. Donald, born October 2019 & bred from Gurteragh Maximus and Balleen Molly 1015, has a 2.5% easy calving index as well as Four Star Replacement rate . Donald sold for €2700.

Gortacullin Donald sold for €2700

Kieran Noonan of Double Tree Herefords, Cork also sold Double Tree Pete for €2700 to a fellow Cork dairy farmer. Pete was born in October 2019 & is a Trillick Best son as well as being bred from a milky fertile FH Noel cow. Pete has a Five Star Terminal & Replacement Index.

Double Tree Pete sold for €2700

There was a double success for West Cork breeder; John Cahalane, of Droumgarriffe Herefords, who went home with an empty trailer after selling both of his bulls entered for sale. Lot 6 – Droumgarriffe Lucky, born August 2019 & bred from Allowdale Rory 594, has a Five Star Terminal & a Four Star Replacement index with Five stars across the board for Carcase weight & conformation. This fertility tested bull sold to a local Tipperary farmer for €2600.

Droumgarriffe Lucky sold for €2600

Garriffe 1 Miah was also sold to a Galway herd for €2600. Miah, born August 2019 & bred from Cill Cormaic Kapser & from a Kilsunny Goliath dam, has a Five Star Replacement & a Four Star Terminal Index as well as being fertility tested also.

Garriffe 1 Miah sold for €2600

The Society would like to wish all purchasers the best of luck with their bulls from all of the Society sales this Spring & wish all breeders the best of luck for the remainder of the season. The Society would also like to thank Irish Hereford Prime for their support & for sponsoring each of the Spring sales.

Why use a Hereford bull as a breeding sire?

Father and son partnership Kieran and Cathal O’Sullivan on the family farm at Mizen Head, Co Cork. Picture Denis Boyle
Father and son partnership Kieran and Cathal O’Sullivan on the family farm at Mizen Head, Co Cork. Picture Denis Boyle

First introduced into Ireland in 1775, the Hereford has become a popular breeding option on these shores because it has the temperament, quality and performance to suit Irish conditions and tastes.

It has proven to be particularly popular breed with many dairy farmers. To find out more, we spoke to Kieran O’Sullivan and his son Cathal, who farm in Goleen in south west Cork and use Hereford genetics as the beef breed of choice on their Friesian dairy herd.

ularly popular breed with many dairy farmers. To find out more, we spoke to Kieran O’Sullivan and his son Cathal, who farm in Goleen in south west Cork and use Hereford genetics as the beef breed of choice on their Friesian dairy herd.

They use Friesian genetics on half their herd to ensure that they are getting enough replacements and use Hereford sires on their remaining cows.

Easy calving

Kieran points out that Herefords are known for their easier calving, they put less strain on a dairy cow and they have a shorter gestation period than most other breeds.

“There are a lot of other good beef breeds out there but some of them are not good for the dairy cow because number one, their gestation period is too long and you’re losing days of the cow milking,” explains Kieran. “Also, you can’t be sure if you will have a calving difficulty with them. If a cow has a difficult calving, that means that the cow is affected for the rest of her lactation.”

Early maturing and high performance

Another advantage is the early maturing and high performance of Herefords on forage-based diets. With farmers looking to reduce farm costs, one way to do so is to remove the need for a second winter and subsequent housing costs on beef farms.

According to the IFJ THRIVE Programme results last autumn, 64pc of Hereford steers finished off grass compared to just 30pc for other breeds. Most strikingly 80pc of Hereford heifers were finished before the second winter. This can provide significant savings on both housing and feeding costs.

“Herefords are a good all-round breed and if they get reasonably good management from the calf stage onwards, they do quite well and they finish off easily,” adds Kieran.

“When you compare them to other beef breeds, they would finish a lot quicker. When they’re coming off the Friesian cow, they usually have a bigger frame and they come into a good mature animal. You get a combination of both things – they finish fast and also come into a good carcass weight at the end.”

High quality meat

Herefords are a popular choice due to the excellent meat eating quality they provide. Meat Technology Ireland, in conjunction with ICBF and Teagasc have been carrying out trials over the last five years looking at the effects of breed on the tenderness, flavour and juiciness of beef. The Hereford breed was ranked most consistent for both tenderness and flavour against 11 other breeds.

Great demand for calves

Hereford calves can attract great prices and Kieran points out “that demand has remained consistently high over the number of years since we started selling calves, the Hereford calf is very stable all the time. There’s always a demand for them.”

Hereford bulls produce top quality whitehead calves. Excellent calf prices have been recorded again this spring, with Hereford calves consistently making upwards of €300 per head.


Another advantage of the Hereford breed is their good temperament and their ease of management.

“They are also a very docile animal. Very easy to handle, whereas other breeds can be more highly-strung and require more management.”

He adds that they are a hardy breed that can adapt to many conditions.

A great all-rounder

In Kieran’s experience, using a Hereford bull has proven to have multiple benefits and it’s something he would recommend to other farmers.

“We breed Herefords here because of our experience over the years, from the point of view of finishing them out as cattle, they were easily managed, they were cattle that gave you a good carcass weight at the end, and they were also not hard on the dairy cow. That’s probably their biggest bonus. You have a combination of all those things.”

Final Hereford Bull Sale of the Season

The next Irish Hereford Bull sale is in Nenagh Mart this Saturday, May 15 with 49 bulls entered.

Irish Hereford Prime will be sponsoring €250 towards the buyers of each bull sold for €3000 or over!

Catalogues are available by clicking HERE or by contacting the IHBS office for a hard copy by calling 044 9348855 and/or e-mailing

Choose Herefords – grass fed/profit led – the natural choice.

Joint top price of €3300 earned at Kilmallock Hereford bull Sale

Great trade in Kilmallock last Friday for Hereford bulls. Again home trade is remaining strong which was evident as only 23 of the 38 bulls catalogued showed up for sale with the remaining being sold off farm prior to the sale. Home sales are particularly strong this year and quite early in comparison to last year with many farmers opting to buy bulls in breeders yards. There was a 60% clearance rate at the sale with the average price sitting at a very respectable €2464 – just shy of €2500.

Top of the town was shared by two breeders;

Kye Morgan 883 was bred by Roscommon breeder; Padraig McGrath of Kye Herefords. Kye Morgan 883, born July 2019 & sired by Gageboro Morgan, is a Four Star Replacement Index bull with a Five Star figure for milk. Morgan was fertility tested and was sold to a commercial farmer from Cork for €3300.

Kye Morgan 883 sold for €3300

Joint top price of the day was also earned by new breeder; John Hartigan of Hayfield Herefords, Limerick, who had a very succesful day out for his first sale. Hayfield Maxulius George, with a tag number of 001, sold for the top price of €3300. Described as “a tremendous bull with a pedigree to match” – George is a Four Star Terminal & Four Star Replacement Index bull, sired by Trillick George.

Hayfield Maxulius George sold for €3300

It was well worth a second day out for Rathnollag Racer, bred by Sinead Conry of Rathnollag Herefords, Roscommon who sold for €3000. Born September 2019, Racer has a great pedigree being sired by F.H William & bred from a Steil Gerard Dam. This bull has both a Four Star Replacement & Four Star Terminal Index aswell as being fertiltiy tested & having served cows.

Rathnollag Racer sold for €3000

There was success for the Aliehs Hereford herd in Kerry when breeders; Timmee & Sheila O’Sullivan sold Aliehs Harry 6 for €2700. Bred from Kye Harry 697, a Free Town Hotspur son, Harry is a Four Star Replacement & Four Star Terminal Index bull with stars across the board in terms of Carcase weight & Milk.

Aliehs Harry 6 sold for €2700

Moyclare Sander, bred by Michael Molloy of Moyclare Herefords, Offaly, also sold on the day for €2500. Sander, born in June 2019 is a son of Free Town Nadal – an easy calving sire.

Moyclare Sander sold for €2500

Boveen Ted, bred by Joe O’Connor of Boveen Herefords, Offaly also for €2500. Ted, born in October 2019, is sired by Ballyvlinngold Captain – a Cill Cormaic Kasper son & is a Five Star Replacement Index & Four Star Replacement Index bull.

Boveen Ted sold for €2500

Well done to all exhibitors & buyers on the day! Thanks to Irish Hereford Prime who also sponsored €200 to the FIVE highest priced bulls on the day.

Upcoming Hereford Bull Sales;

Nenagh Spring Hereford Bull Sale will be held on Saturday 15th May at 1pm.

Bidding will be available online via

Full Sale Catalogue will be available later this week at & by contacting the society office.

Sale Guidelines will be available shortly at

Irish Hereford prime will also Sponsor €200 to the FIVE highest priced bulls on the day!

Local breeder takes home top price of €3400 at Nenagh April Hereford Bull Sale!

The Irish Hereford Spring Sale was held in Nenagh last Saturday 10th April. Of the bulls that were sold – sold very well with good prices earned. Home sales are very strong this Spring which was evident where only 19 out of the 32 bulls catalogued showed up for sale, the remaining 13 bulls being sold from home pre-sale. The Sale average price was €2871 – a very respectable figure & a good help to breeders selling bulls at home of which sales have gotten slightly earlier this year than usual.

Top Price of the day went to Ballinalick Herefords, belonging to Willie Duff, Tpeerary. Ballinalick Murty, born in October 2019 & homebred by Balinalick Gold, was sold to a Tipperary dairy farmer for €3400! Willie Duff also had great success at the Premier Hereford sale in Tullamore two weeks ago when he sold Ballinalick Felix for €3100.

Ballinalick Murty sold for €3400

Lot 11 – Ardmulchan Riddick was sold to a repeat customer from Limerick for €3000. Riddick, who was fertility tested, was born in August 2019 & bred from Church Preen Galileo. The buyer had bought a bull from Ardmulchan Herefords, Co. Meath four years previous.

Ardmulchan Riddick sold for €3000

Portanob Herefords, Co. Meath were also on the map. Portanob Gerry, born in August 2019 was sired by Cill Cormaic Leo. Gerry was fertility tested & bred from Portanob Erica – who won the March class in the National Hereford Calf Show in 2015. Gerry was sold to a farmer in Galway for €3000.

Portanob Gerry sold for €3000

Ballyraggan Upstart 976th also moved onto new ownership to a Tipperary farmer. Bred by the Thompson family of Ballyraggan Herefords; Upstart, born in July 2019 is a Five-Star Terminal Index & sold for €2800.

Ballyraggan Upstart 976th sold for €2800

Moyclare Sergio, born July 2019 made his way from the Offaly Moyclare Hereford herd, belonging to Michael Molloy, to his new home in Roscommon. Sired by Freetown Nadal; an easy calving sire, & is a Five Star Terminal & a Four Star Replacement index bull. Sergio’s Dam was bred from a Ballinalick bull, Ballinalick Ledger. Moyclare Sergio was sold for €2700.

Moyclare Sergio sold for €2700

Nigel Heatrick of Glaslough Herefords, also travelled home to Monaghan with an empty trailer after selling their two entries, the two youngest bulls in the sale.

Glaslough Vinson – the youngest bull at the sale, born in November 2019, was sired by Clooncullane Major 343, a Trillick Hotspur son & sold to local Tipperary dairy farmer for €2700.

Glaslough Vinson sold for €2700

Glaslough Val, born November 2019 & sired by Ballyaville Ger, was sold to Co. Clare for €2500. Nigel also sold the second higest priced bull at the Premier Hereford sale two weeks ago in Tullamore; Airhill Raffael sold for €4000.

Well done to all exhibitors & buyers on the day! Thanks to Irish Hereford Prime who also sponsored €200 to the FIVE highest priced bulls on the day.

Upcoming Hereford Bull Sales;

Bandon this Thursday 15th April at 12pm – Bidding via

GVM Kilmallock on Friday 16th April at 1pm! Bidding via LSL Auctions – presale viewing available by contacting Kilmallock direct on 063 98555. Catalogue available HERE!

Irish Hereford prime will also Sponsor €200 to the FIVE highest priced bulls at each of the above sales!