Breed Improvement Scheme Bulls – Straws available

The latest bulls available through the Irish Hereford BIS are attached below. 

Haven Kingpin
Haven Kingpin

The Hereford Breed Improvement Scheme was first introduced almost 40 years ago.  Set up as a revolving fund with a subscription of £25 from each participant at the time.  The scheme has provided an opportunity for smaller herds in particular to have greater access to and a choice of bulls and semen from Ireland and across the world.

Wirruna Daffy
Wirruna Daffy

Potential sires are identified and semen purchased with a view to providing the best possible genetics at minimum cost to scheme members.   Society members not currently participating in the scheme can join for a once off payment of €65.

CCR 57G Stamina 199S Syndicate - 2006
CCR 57G Stamina 199S

The Breed Improvement Committee are continuously on the look out for new and improved genetics for inclusion in the scheme. Semen of bulls in the most recent brochure is, in most cases, available for export.  Please allow 2 – 3 weeks for delivery of semen.

Please complete our Breed Improvement Scheme Order Form to become a member.

Click below for further details on the bulls available within this scheme: 

To download the full brochure click on: Breed Improvement Scheme Brochure

Download the BIS Semen Price and Order form here!

Royalty Fees: Bulls owned in partnership

A Royalty fee of €10 at registration applies to progeny of the following bull: 

  • Cave Hill Storm (AI Code – VTM) available through Dovea Genetics

A Royalty fee of €25 at registration applies to progeny of the following bulls: 

  • F.H William (AI Code – HE4080) available through Dovea Genetics
  • Blackwater Lad (AI Code – HE5067) available through Dovea Genetics
  • Dorepoll 1 93N Transatlantic (AI Code – DPS) available through Progressive Genetics
  • Gouldingpoll 1 Superduty ET (AI Code – GZS) available through Progressive Genetics

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