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Drumgoon smashes the record at the Premier Hereford Spring Show & Sale!

The Premier Hereford Spring Show and Sale was held on Saturday 25th March in GVM Tullamore. The sale was a smasher with one polled Hereford bull in hot demand. Drumgoonpoll 1 Sydney, bred by Aidan McCabe, Cavan, was the show stopper of the day when two breeders fought it out to purchase this November 2021 born bull. As with every sale though there can only be one buyer & Wade McCrabbe of Ardstewart Herefords stuck in until the end and purchased the Fabb 1 Northern Star son. There was amazement around the ring as the auctioneer dropped the hammer at €11,600. Sydney is bred from Corlismorepoll 1 Sydney 981, a Dendor 1 Kohinoor pp dam. Sydney has five stars for the replacement index, terminal index and conformation along with €106 for the DBI.

Drumgoonpoll 1 Sydney with breeder Aidan McCabe and purchaser Alison McCrabbe

The sale was a great success all round with the average price resting at over €4,000 and 70% clearance rate. The day began as always with the pre-sale show which was judged by Mr. Matthew Goulding of Gouldingpoll Herefords. With four strong classes of bulls – it was no small job for the Kerry native but with much deliberation Mr. Goulding tapped out his chosen Champion as Knockglass Andrew, exhibited by Alan Gibbons, Roscommon. This April 2021 born bull was sired by Balleen Val and bred from a Cill Cormaic Marvel dam. The bull did not disappoint in the sales ring either when he sold for €4,000.

Male Champion: Knockglass Andrew with exhibitor Alan Gibbons

The second top price of the day was awarded to Moyclare Unreal, bred by Michael Molloy, Offaly. This July 2021 born bull was sired by Caislean Jake and bred by a Brocca Saviour dam. He is a half-brother to Moyclare Quinlan who is currently standing in Free Town and Dieulacresse Herefords in the UK. Unreal lived upto his name when it came to having a page of stars – with five stars for both the replacement and the terminal index, milk and carcase weight and a DBI value of €105. Moyclare Unreal was sold for €5,300 to a dairy farmer from Offaly.

Moyclare Unreal

The sale started off on a high when the first bull into the ring: lot 1 – Ardmulchan Sherry, by Phil & Catherine Smyth, Meath, sold to a breeder from Offaly for €5,200. This April born bull was sired by Ballinveney Tiger and bred from a Church Preen Galileo dam. This tall Tiger son has a four-star replacement index and had been working before he was moved off farm.

Ardmulchan Sherry with breeder Catherine Smyth

Another bull from North Leinster secured €5,200 – polled Hereford Knockmanta 1 Burly who was sold to Northern Ireland. Another Fabb 1 Northern son in demand – this January 2022 born bull was bred from a Wirruna Daffy D1 daughter. Burly has a DBI value of €101, five stars for the replacement index and four stars for the terminal index. Burly is a full brother to Handsome who is herd sire at Arranview Herefords in Scotland & was awarded Reserve Hereford bull of the Year 2022.

Reserve Male Champion: Knockmanta 1 Burly with Judge Matt Goulding & IHBS President Adrian Bateman

There was continued success for Eamon & John McKiernan of Knockmountagh/Knockmanta Herefords, Louth, when they sold their second lot of the day; Knockmountagh Ranger. Ranger, sired by Allowdale Rambo 738 and bred from a Bowmont Storm granddaughter is a fully horned and tested non-carrier polled bull. With five stars for the replacement rate and four stars for the terminal index and carcase conformation – Ranger is a powerful bull with great conformation and growth. Ranger was purchased by the Scott family of Knockfin & Athgreine Herefords, Laois for €4,500.

Knockmountagh Ranger with breeder John McKiernan

There was further success for Alan Gibbons, Roscommon, when he sold lot 5 – Meadowhillpoll 1 Ronaldo for €4,300. Ronaldo was sired by Normanton 1 Laertes and bred from a Mawarra Sentimental dam. Along with a super temperament, Ronaldo has a DBI value of €136, four stars for the replacement index and five stars for the terminal index, carcse weight and carcase conformation.

Meadowhillpoll 1 Ronaldo with exhibitor Frank Gibbons

The same buyer who purchased Meadowhillpoll 1 Ronaldo also purchased lot 31 – Corlismore Dozer 170 by Sean & Gary McKiernan, Corlismore Herefords, Cavan. This Allowdale Rory 594 son was born in October 2021 and bred from a Cill Cormaic Leo dam. With four stars for the terminal index and carcase weight and five stars for the terminal index and a DBI value of €88 – Dozer was sold for €4,000.

Corlismore Dozer 170 with exhibitor Sarah Murray and breeder Gary McKiernan

Nigel Heatrick of Glaslough Herefords struck a win when he sold Glaslough Winner for €3,700 to a fellow Monaghan farmer. This April 2021 born bull was sired by Airhill Raffael and bred from a Ballyaville Ger dam. This fully horned bull has four stars for the terminal index and carcase weight.

Glaslough Winner with breeder Nigel Heatrick

There were a number of bulls sold for €3,500 on the day also;

Mountwilliams Oxygen, bred by Aidan Farrell, Westmeath, was sired by Butlerstown Duke and bred from a Cave Hill Storm dam. This June 2021 bull has four stars for both the replacement & the Terminal index along with four stars for carcase weight and conformation.

Mountwilliams Oxygen with breeder Aidan Farrell

The second bull out of the Corlismore herd also sold for €3,500 to Wexford breeder Niall Jones. Corlismore Europa 182 was sired by Corlismore Pompeii, a Yarram Pompeii son and bred from a Shiloh Farm Dynamite. Europa has five stars across the board in terms of Terminal traits.

Corlismore Europa 182 with breeder Evelyn McKiernan, purchasers Mairead & Niall Jones and breeder Gary McKiernan

Regulars to the show ring – Tom & Anselm Fitzgerald also sold both their lots on the day for €3,500 to Co. Galway. Grianan Wonderkid, bred from the IHBS Breed Improvement sire: Pute Nascar N13 and bred from Grianan Orange P 741, Wonderkid has a five star terminal index, four star replacement index and a DBI value of €99.

Grianan Wonderkid

Grianan Wonder is also sired by a Breed Improvement sire; Karoonda Sampson and again bred from the famous Orange line – Grianan Orange R786. Wonder has five stars for the terminal index and carcase confirmation along with above average DBI value of €85.

Grianan Wonder with exhibitor Sarah Murray


There were also four heifers for sale on the day – all of which moved onto greener pastures. Corlismore Herefords offered & sold two heifers on the day;

The first heifer was polled by Fabb 1 Nutcracker and bred by Corlismorepoll 1 Sydney 011, from the famous Sydney line which has produced three National Champions. This heifer is from the same family as the top priced bull of the sale; Drumgoonpoll 1 Sydney. With five stars for the replacement index and milk, Sydney was sold to Wexford for €3,400.

Female Champion: Corlismorepoll 1 Sydney 011 with breeder Evelyn McKiernan, Judge Matt Goulding, IHBS President Adrian Bateman and breeder Gary McKiernan

The second Corlismore heifer was fully horned; Corlismore Honesty 160. This was a big tall Allowdale Rory 594 heifer who was bred from a dam bred from Shiloh Farm Dynamite who was the National Hereford Champion in 2018. Honesty has a four-star replacement index and four stars for milk. Honesty was purchased by breeders from Tipperary for €2,700.

A further horned heifer was offered for sale from Patsy Smith, Borin Herefords, Cavan. Borin Kate, sired by Allowdale Rambo 738 and bred from a Corlsimore dam also, has four stars for the replacement rate and sold to a fellow Leitrim breeder for €2,300.

Colin Burke from Coralstown Herefords, Westmeath & breeder of the top priced bull sold during the Premier Autumn Sale 2022 also exhibited a heifer on the day. Coralstown Rosie 1 is sired by IHBS Breed Improvement sire; Pute Nascar N13 and bred from a Trillick George dam who is a full sister to Coralstown Hurricane who sold for €5,500 last Autumn. This March 2021 heifer was crowned Reserve Champion & sold to Northern Ireland for €2,000.

Reserve Female Champion: Coralstown Rosie 1 with breeder Colin Burke, Judge Matt Goulding and IHBS President Adrian Bateman

Many thanks are extended to the pre-sale inspector Mr. John Beirne, the show judge, Mr. Matthew Goulding, Sale auctioneer, Mr. Eamonn Gaffney, GVM Tullamore, all stewards on the day and Irish Hereford Prime for their continued sponsorship.

Mountwilliams Panama kicks off the season on a high in Kilkenny!

The annual March Kilkenny multi-breed sale was held on Wednesday 22nd March. The sale hosted 18 Hereford bulls on the day alongside other breeds. The show kicked off the day with the majority of bulls exhibiting in two classes ahead of the Championship. The Hereford classes were judged by Mr. Padraig Murphy. The sale was a smasher with all bulls sold to one, an average price of €3,300 & 85% of bulls sold for over €3000.

The championship was awarded to local breeder; Tom Brennan of Balleen Herefords. Mr. Murphy tapped out Balleen Taxman as the show Champion. This December 2021 born bull was sired by Cill Cormaic Quade and bred from a Gageboro Eugenic dam and has an above average DBI figure of €87. Taxman went onto sell for €4,000.

Champion: Balleen Taxman with breeder Tom Brennan, Judge Padraig Murphy, exhibitor Eoin Sheehy & sponsor from Daltons Lisa Cullen

The second lot of the day from Balleen Herefords was Balleen Cone, another Cill Cormaic Quade son. Balleen Cone was bred from Balleen Prettymaid 870 – a daughter of Balleen Achiever – sold for €3500 to a dairy farmer.

Sale Topper!

The sale topper of the day was Mountwilliams Panama, bred by Aidan Farrell, Westmeath. Panama was sired by Butlerstown Duke and bred from a Churchhill Storm dam. Born in September 2021 & having four stars for the replacement index – this bull topped the sale at €4,400 when purchased by James Thompson from Ballyraggan Herefords, Carlow.

Mountwilliams Panama with breeder Aidan Farrell & purchaser James Thompson

Alongside the purchase of a bull at the sale – the sale turned out to be a super success for Ballyraggan Herefords when they sold all four lots exhibited after winning reserve Champion during the show also.

Ballyraggan Woodrow 1043rd was the first Hereford into the Show ring and what a smasher to start the sale with. This March 2021 born bull was sired by Airhill Oisin and bred from Ballinveney Pedlar dam. He was purchased for €4,000.

Ballyraggan Woodrow 1043rd with breeder James Thompson Junior.

The second Hereford into the sales ring did not disappoint either when he sold for €4,000 also. Ballyraggan Hotspur 1045th, also a March 2021 born bull was sired by Kye Hulk 706 and bred from a Ballyaville Fine Tune dam. Hotspur 1045th has five stars for both the terminal index and carcase weight and an above average DBI figure of €98.

Ballyraggan Hotspur 1045th with breeder Hazel Thompson

Ballyraggans only polled entry of the day; Ballyragganpoll 1 Warner was crowned Reserve Hereford Champion. Born in April 2021, Warner was sired by Ballyraggan Isaac 862nd, a Black Water Lad son and bred from a Grianan Firecracker granddaughter. Warner was sold for €3,200.

Reserve Champion: Ballyragganpoll 1 Warner with breeder James Thompson Junior

The final lot of the day for Ballyraggan Woodson 1053rd sold for €3,000. Woodson, having four stars for the terminal Index and five stars for carcase weight, was sired by Kye Hulk 706 and bred from a Churchill Storm granddaughter.

Ballyfrunk Herefords by Pat Murphy, Kilkenny also had a super sale when he sold all three Herefords exhibited. The top of the three lots was May 2021 born Ballyfrunk Mascot 3133 – sired by Free Town Hotspur and bred from a Bowmont Storm dam. Mascot has four stars for the replacement index, five stars for the terminal index, low calving figures and €100 DBI. Mascot was purchased for €3600.

Ballyfrunk Mascot 3133

Ballyfrunk Marksman 3137 did not disappoint either when he sold for €3,200. Marksman, another May born son of Free Town Hotspur, was bred by a Turlough Graceful daughter. He has an above average DBI figure of €90 and four stars for the replacement index.

The last lot of the day for Ballyfrunk was Ballyfrunk Galahad 3136, another May born son of Free Town Hotspur. Galahad was bred from a Moyclare Lucky dam and was sold for €2900.

The success continued when Listrolin Oscar sold for €3,100 by Pat Rohan, Kilkenny. This June 2021 born bull was sired by Conmelvin Ollie and bred from a Kilsunny Goliath dam. Oscar has a Five Star Replacement index and four stars for Carcase weight and conformation.

Luck was on John McNulty’s side from Leitrim during the sale when he re-ran Lavaghpoll 1 Dermot for a second spin through the ring and earned €3,200. This young July 2021 born bull was sired by Trillick George and bred from  a Dorepoll 1 93n Transatlantic dam.

Another bull sold for €3,200 on the day was Drumcarbin Thunder by Shane McKiernan, Cavan. This September 2021 born bull was sired by IHBS Breed Improvement Sire – Battalion Undertaker and bred from a Church Preen Galileo dam.

Joe O’Connor of Boveen Herefords, Offaly, also sold two lots for €3,000. Boveen Virgil, five-star terminal bull was sired by Ballyvlinngold Captain and bred from a Corran Hill Classic dam. Boveen Vindicator, four-star terminal bull was sired by IHBS Breed Improvement Sire; Haven Kingpin and bred from Phocle Keystone dam.

The final two lots of the day were exhibited by Christy Finn from Bawngarriff Herefords, Kilkenny. Bawngarriff Douglas Eleven, sired by Forestview Douglas and bred from a Kilsunny Goliath dam was sold for €2,700.

Bawngarriff Doughlas 12, sired by Forestview Douglas also and bred from a Cill Cormaic Omorga dam was sold for €2,600.

We wish all purchaser the very bets of luck.

International Women’s Day 2023

International Women’s Day is annual event which celebrates and recognises the achievements of women everywhere! It has grown over the last few years and has recently become a special date on the calendar.

This International Women’s Day – we celebrate one of our oldest and most committed female breeders; Ms. Leila McCabe from Beaghmore Herefords, Leitrim.

Leila attending the National Hereford Show in Tullamore in August 2022

With her sister Gretta, Leila’s outstanding interest has always been in the breeding of Hereford cattle. Their father James established the Beaghmore herd in 1929 with the purchase of a cow purchased at the clearance sale of the well-established Rockfield herd of Mrs. Strevans in Roscommon. In the forties, fifties & sixties the sisters brought their bulls to the RDS Bull Show and Sale and found new homes for their bulls in Carlow, Limerick, Cavan, Kilkenny, Westmeath, Donegal, Leitrim, Tyrone, Monaghan & Wexford so there is no doubt that Beaghmore Bloodlines are to be found in the back breeding of Herefords right across the country.

For the sister’s lifetime commitment to the Hereford breed the sisters were nominated for Hall of Fame award in 2006.

Perhaps the best-known bull bred by Leila is Beaghmore Pirate. A look back through todays Hereford bloodlines will most likely list him in the background as his influence on Irish Herefords has been enormous.

Over her lifetime, Leila exhibited cattle at many local summer shows including Arva, Mohill & Belturbet and her passion for breeding Herefords and producing quality bulls for sale has never ceased.

We thank & commend Leila for her lifetime commitment to Hereford breeding and her continued support & good work for the breed!

Leila attended the Premier Autumn Hereford Show & Sale in Tullamore in 2022

IHBS welcome Eamonn Gaffney as Society Auctioneer!

“You can’t become an auctioneer you have to be born one” – Eamonn shares a quote from a long-time friend and it seems no truer words have been spoken.

The Irish Hereford Breed Society are delighted to officially welcome Eamonn Gaffney as Society Auctioneer. Hailing from Corlismore, Co. Cavan – Eamonn grew up on a dairy farm with his mother, father and two sisters. He took over the family farm at the age of 18 years old which then consisted of 12 dairy cows and three suckler cows. Eamonn developed the farm and grew the herd over 100 dairy cows today. This growth was enabled through leasing and purchasing land and inheriting an out farm from his uncle. Something he has done since he could walk – Eamonn’s first love is milking cows and subsequently where he does his thinking.

The lovely Aishling moved into Corlismore in 2017 and the couple were married. They now have three beautiful children; Ellie who is four years old and by all accounts the boss of the house, Ned who is 22 months old and rearing to get going on the farm & Peggy Sue is 8 months old and finding her feet.

Eamonn studied at Ballyhaise Agricultural College when he finished school, where he obtained the Green Certificate. Eamonn’s enthusiasm for farming and studying paid off when he received the Student of the Year award for Grassland Management in year one and Student of the Year for the three-year course which was presented by Mary Robinson in the RDS, the then President of Ireland. In his early years; Eamonn played Senior football for Cornafean for 20 years & went onto taking the seat of chairman for the club for five and a half years. Eamonn also competed in the Scor dancing competition from the age of seven years old.

The Cavan natives off-farm career began in 2001 when he began working for Progressive genetics as an AI technician – a job Eamonn always wanted from a young age. After completing the initial training, he worked as an AI technician for one and a half years. He also worked alongside Johnny Flynn training up farmers in DIY AI which was taking off at that time. The job progressed then into servicing AI flasks for Progressive Genetics in Louth, Meath, North Dublin, Monaghan, Leitrim, Longford and Cavan where Eamonn was living his dream while meeting farmers from across the country.

This career path led Eamonn to one of his career highlights to date which was hosting and auctioneering the Skiddoo Pedigree Charolais dispersal sale in September 2019. Eamonn serviced the flasks for the Skiddoo herd for years and when approached by farm manager Donal Callery to host the sale – he was elated. With help in the office from his wife Aishling and Carmel O’Reilly from along with a great team of drovers managing the yard – the sale was a huge success. The highlight of the day came when lot 25, Skidoo 96 Highlight 2 ET traded at €9,800. Overall, all 34 in calf cows calving in autumn sold to average over €3,700. The team sold 123 lots of cattle in record time of just four and half hours.

Eamonn has a real passion for auctioneering. It all began with a charity auction for the local Cornafean ladies GAA club when he was asked to auction a signed Crossmaglen Jersey. The next move was to auction at the annual race night fundraiser for Cornafean GAA club. The real break came from Ms. Helen Kells, the mart manager in GVM Carrigallen in 2011. Helen gave Eamonn great encouragement and offered him his first livestock sale in Carrigallen where the novice sold 34 lots of strong calves. His first sale & it went off without a hitch – he was on cloud nine. The next sale did not go quite as well but Eamonn didn’t give up and neither did Helen. Through the ups and downs, Eamonn persevered and the livestock auctioneering really took off in 2012 and 2013 where Eamonn started to sell weanling bulls and heifers. His current weekly sales include; Monday & Saturday in Carrigallen, Cavan mart on Friday and Cootehill mart on Friday evening. Eamonn also conducts the commercial Simmental Cross sale in Ballymote mart and has done so for the past six years. He has also auctioneered in Granard mart, the popular Herbie’s Heifer sale in Carrigallen and the Carrick Winter Fair where he sold the highest priced animal last November at €14,500 – 330kg BBX heifer – another great highlight of his career.

Auctioneering opened the door for Eamonn to move into the line of TB valuations on farms also – a process which must be tendered for and employed by the Department of Agriculture.

In 2014, Eamonn progressed onto property auctioneering when he was approached by a local farmer who offered his own lands for sale. Gaffney Auctioneers took on the sale and it turned out to be a great success which led to the following sale of the parochial house in Cornea. Eamonn went on to host the sale of 86-acre farm in Granard, Co. Longford. The sale was held on the farm which was quite a rustic approach at the time but a must given the covid-19 lockdown and proved to be a great success.

When asked about his proudest accomplishment – Eamonn is proud of what he has achieved in recent years, in particular rearing his family.

Eamonn is motivated by the enjoyment of the work that he does and doing it well as he quotes – “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”. Eamon has a passion for doing his best for both the farmers and the people who he works for.

Eamonn really enjoyed his baptism of fire last year when he stepped into the boots of Society Auctioneer in Spring 2022. The sales went well for both him and the breeders which gave everyone a great boost. The Autumn sale in Kilmallock in particular was a flyer and a very enjoyable sale. Eamonn is looking forward to the challenge of the job and being part of the development of the breed. Eamonn commented that Herefords are really at the top of the scale in terms of demand and it’s great to see. The Herefords lost their place down through the years when the continentals became the end all and be all but they are finally back to where they belong. The growing dairy market has helped their position and will mostly likely continue to do so. In terms of sustainability and climate change action – Herefords are a no brainer! Following six weeks of Friesian AI in the dairy herd – the auctioneer finishes the mating season with a Hereford bull and he is delighted with the calves produced stating they were good growthy calves which sold well for while giving the purchaser a quality calf to make a few euro from too.

We look forward to working with Eamonn once again during the upcoming Spring sales;

Premier Spring Hereford Show & Sale Tullamore – 25th March
Nenagh Hereford Show & Sale – 6th April
Bandon Hereford Show & Sale – 12th April
Kilmallock Hereford Show & Sale – 14th April
Nenagh Hereford Show & Sale – 18th May