Next Gen Herefords

Next Gen Herefords are a group of young people aged 30 and under with a keen interest in Herefords & all things farming. Any young person who wishes to get involved is very welcome – whether or not they are connected to Herefords or farming at all!

Anyone interested in joining the Next Gen Hereford Youth programme or enquiring about more information – please contact Louise at: / – phone 044 9348855 or message the IHBS Facebook Instagram Page.

Upcoming Events:

Next Gen Herefords are delighted to be able to host the Next Gen Herefords Youth Competition 2021 alongside the National Hereford Calf Show 2021. Traditionally the calf show incorporated two young handler classes as part of the main event but this year it has been decided to host a separate Young Handlers competition on the eve of the calf show. The competition will be held on Friday 19th November from 6:30pm – 9pm in GVM Tullamore. Full details of the event are available – HERE!

Events held during 2021 to date:

Next Gen Herefords visited the Irish Farmers Journal THRIVE farm in Tipperary followed by a tour & stock judging event at Scott’s Knockfin Pedigree herd in Laois in July 2021 – Full details of the day available HERE!

The group visited the ICBF Tully Beef Centre on Saturday 4th September for a full tour of the farm and information about the research being carried out there – Click HERE for full details of what happened on the day!

Online Events:

The group began the year by organising several online tutorials with various industry professionals while the country was still in a covid-19 lockdown & inter-county travel was not permitted. Guest speakers included;

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