How to Fully Register Male & Female Hereford Calves.

In order to register Pedigree Hereford calves – all breeders MUST be registered with ICBF.

Initial Calf Registration:

Both Male & Female calves need to be registered with the Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine either by using the Animal Events Book or HerdPlus since 1st January 2004.

If using the Animal Events Book; Complete & Remove the top white copy of this book & return to; National Calf Registration Services/Animal Events Agency, PO Box 72, Clonakilty, FREEPOST, Co. Cork.

Up to ten calves can be registered on each sheet – only fill in 1 line for each calf.

Please insert the first seven digits of the yellow tag in the top centre of each new page in the Animal Events Book

For ET calves two lines are required. Please fill in the recipient’s tag number and breed code on the same line as the calf’s details, and on the next line please just fill in the donor dam’s tag number and breed code.

When you enter a sire for a calf, please use either his; A.I Code / Herd Book Number or / NID (yellow tag)
(Please do not enter the bull’s name as the sire for the calf)

The breed of sire should always be filled in even if it is an AI sire

Be careful not to put an entry in the “Dead” column unless your calf is actually dead; “1” = abortion and “2” = dead at birth.

You do NOT have to fill in a white card for any calf notified to the AIMS office using the Animal Events Book

The Yellow copy of the Animal Events book is retained in the book for your own records.

Registering calves with Irish Hereford Breed Society

Once the animal has been named with ICBF, the IHBS will pick up the registration and issue an invoice for the registration during the following calendar month.

The Fee for registration is €45 – this can be paid via Direct Debit, cheque or card payment can be made over the phone.

All calves must be notified within 30 days of birth or there will be late fees incurred at a rate of €5 per week overdue on top of the €45 fee.

Genomic Testing:

All calves must be Genomic tested as soon as possible to obtain a certificate. This can be carried out by contacting ICBF on 023 8820452 or via HerdPlus and requesting a hair sample kit.

Please note: Certificates will NOT be issued for calves until the Genomic test has been completed & correct results have been returned.

Genomic tests generally take 4-6 weeks for results to be returned & cost €22 (fee to be paid to ICBF when ordering).

For any other queries please contact the Irish Hereford Breed Society at

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