Next Gen Herefords visit THRIVE and Knockfin Pedigree Herefords

The Next Gen Herefords held their first day out last Saturday.

The group began by visiting the Irish Farmers Journal THRIVE research farm on the farm of John Hally, Tipperary. Declan Marren, beef journalist with the Irish Farmers Journal gave a detailed talk on the research being carried out on the farm. The trial involves purchasing dairy-beef calves from local dairy farms and feeding them onto slaughter. All stock are fed primarily grass with little concentrates and finished before the second Winter. The results of the research being carried out are very positive for the Hereford breed who are outperforming the other breeds on the farm with 80% of Hereford heifers and 64% of Hereford steers finishing off grass before the second Winter – ahead of the other breeds of cattle.

Tennyson Egar from Irish Hereford Prime also went through fat scoring steers and heifers and the tell tale signs that a bullock or heifer is fit for slaughter.

The group then spent the afternoon at Scott’s Knockfin Pedigree Hereford herd in Laois. This a family farming enterprise which comprises of Pedigree Herefords, some commercial stock and tillage. The group were given a tour of the farm and a run through the farm system before looking at the stock including; young bulls, maiden heifers, in-calf heifers, cows and stock bulls. Francis, Tim and John Paul Scott gave a detailed overview of the enterprise including the bloodlines and breeding of the stock.

Tennyson Egar from Irish Hereford Prime also gave a demonstration on the various cuts of beef and their value.

Glenn Jacob, Dunsinane Hereford breeder and Irish Hereford Prime board member gave a demonstration about the Breed Improvement Scheme bulls and Hereford bulls available in AI, indicating his own experiences using various straws on cows and heifers and the outcomes he found.

The day was very enjoyable all round and incorporating the commercial with the Pedigree meant there was something for everyone.

Huge thanks and appreciation are due to Declan Marren from the Irish Farmers Journal and John Hally, the farm owner, the entire & extended Scott family of Knockfin Herefords, Glenn Jacob of Dunsinane Herefords, Tennyson Egar from Irish Hereford Prime and all who attended on the day.

Upcoming events:

The next day out for Next Gen Herefords is Saturday 4th September. The group will be visiting the ICBF Tully Beef Centre. For more information and/or to register your interest please contact Louise in the IHBS office via email at: or IHBS Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter account.


Irish Hereford Breed Society and Irish Hereford Prime are delighted to announce the launch of their 2021 Hereford Photo & Calendar Competition.

There are 7 categories for the competition, including a video category open to all entrants. Each entrant may submit a maximum of two photos per category. Each photo entry must be accompanied by a caption. Competition photos and entry details may be uploaded via the link HERE!

Competition Categories;

  1. Show time – Pedigree Hereford animals standing for a photo as if at a show – all cows, heifers, bulls, calves accepted. (Please choose a suitable background).
  2. Cheeky Chappies – Pedigree or Crossbred Hereford Calves – must be under 6 months of age
  3. Here come the girls – Pedigree Hereford Cows or heifers – with or without calves and with or without a stock bull.
  4. The Boss – Hereford Stock bull on his own or with a herd of Dairy Cows or Suckler Cows with or without calves.
  5. The HEX Factor – Hereford cross heifers or steers in their natural environment.
  6. Prime Beef – Best photo of cooked or fresh Hereford beef suitable for any occasion.
  7. Why Hereford? – A video of you and /or your family talking about /promoting all things Hereford!
    • Max. 40 seconds duration
    • Video entry to be uploaded to your own YouTube channel and the link uploaded via our entry page

The rest is up to the entrant, feel free to use your imagination – have fun & act safely!

Terms and Conditions;

  1. This photography competition is open to anyone that creates photos containing Hereford cattle.
  2. Jeff Harvey’s photography tips tutorial video is available to view at any time via Irish Hereford Breed Society or Irish Hereford Prime websites
  3. All photos must be uploaded via the Website link, which is available on and by midnight on the 20th August 2021.
  4. All entrants must provide the following details: name; address; email address; phone number & herd number when uploading their entry
  5. Junior applicants (Under 18) must provide parental permission when uploading their entry
  6. All photos must be submitted by the photographer or with written permission from the photographer.
  7. All entrants acknowledge and consent that any photos entered in the 2021 Hereford photo competition may be used for the purposes of displaying entries. Entries will be published on IHBS and /or IHP websites and respective social media channels.
  8. All entrants acknowledge and consent that any photos entered in the 2021 Hereford photo competition may be used at a later stage for purposes of promoting the Hereford Breed.
  9. An independent judge will shortlist the submitted entries in each category. These shortlisted photos will be available for the public to vote online from Thursday 26th August 2021 until 10am on Thursday 2nd September 2021 & results will be announced on the same day.
  10. The shortlisted entries will then be put forward to compile a Hereford Calendar 2022 which will go on sale in aid of a national charity – each entrant will be expected to give written permission for the inclusion of their photo in the calendar and also submit the original photo taken to the society via email.
  11. No canvassing will be permitted during the shortlisting process and all decisions will be final.
  12. Each entrant may submit a maximum of two photos per category.
  13. If submitting two entries in the same category, at least one of those entries must include one or more people in the photo.
  14. All entries will be judged primarily on the photo quality and not just the cattle. Although good Herefords are always a winner!
  15. Closing date for entries is midnight on Friday 20th August 2021.

All entries will be judged primarily on the photo quality and not just the cattle. Although good Herefords are always a Winner!


There will be one prize awarded to the winner of each of the 7 categories. Winners can choose from one of the following: 

  • €200 SuperValu voucher or
  • €200 Farm Wardrobe voucher or
  • €300 Jeff Harvey Photography voucher (A one to one mentoring session on photography and using your camera from Jeff Harvey, along with a family / couple / children’s portrait captured by Jeff on the day at your home or on the farm).

The overall winner of the 2021 Hereford Photo Competition will receive a €500 cash prize.

Hereford Calendar 2022

The shortlisted entries will be put forward to compile a Hereford Calendar 2022 which will go on sale in aid of a national charity. Each entrant will be expected to give written permission for the inclusion of their photo in the calendar and also submit the original photo taken to the society via email.

This is a great opportunity for people of all ages to get out with their phones and cameras and get creative!

Jeff Harvey’s top photography tips;

Contact for more information;

Any further queries may be sent by e-mail to or

Alternatively, please phone (044) 9348855 or (083) 8168824

National Hereford Show 2021

The Irish Hereford Breed Society are delighted to be able to host a National Hereford Show 2021, in-line with Covid-19 safety advice and Government guidelines.

The show will take place on Sunday 12th September 2021 on the grounds of the Annaharvey Equestrian Centre located just outside Tullamore.

Exhibitor entries

The show will follow the same rules and classes as would normally be the case with the National Hereford Show which is generally held as part of the Tullamore show each August. All male cattle and first time calving females entered must be genotyped and each entry must be accompanied with their zootechnical certificate. Entries for the show classes will be online only and will open at the beginning of August – more information to follow.


The show will be run fully in line with the Government health & safety advice in regard to the Covid-19 situation at that time. The society are hoping to welcome visitors to spectate but it will essentially depend on the numbers allowed attend outdoor gatherings at that time. There will be an online ticketing system used for all entries at the gate whereby all tickets will have to be purchased in advance of the day – in order to gage numbers and comply with contact tracing.

The society are delighted to be able to host this event and will ensure it is organised to the highest standards of health and safety and will hopefully be rewarding for exhibitors after two summers with no shows.

Keep an eye out at for further updates.

Next Gen Herefords Youth day – July 2021

Next Gen Herefords Youth Programme are hosting a number of events in the coming weeks for all young Hereford breeders & enthusiasts aged between 16 and 30 years of age (attendees do not have to be registered Hereford breeders or connected to a pedigree herd).


The first day will be held on Saturday 24th July 2021. First on the agenda is to visit the Irish Farmers Journal THRIVE Farm in Cashel, Co. Tipperary at 10am. There the group will be given a tour of the farm by John Hally (farm owner) and a run down on the research being carried out there and the results so far by Declan Marren (IFJ Journalist).

The group will then move onto the Pedigree Hereford and commercial farm of the Scott Family in Co. Laois. Here, there will be a stock judging demo for breeding cattle and a look at what is involved when choosing bulls & AI to use on Hereford cows & heifers. Irish Hereford Prime will also be present on the day.

Lunch will be provided on the day and participants are welcome to attend one half of the day if they are not free to attend the entire day.

How to get involved

This event is being held in-line with Covid-19 safety guidelines while adhering to social distancing and mask wearing. In order to gage numbers attending and for contact tracing purposes – anyone who is interested in attending must email; or with their name, address, DOB, contact phone number & herd prefix (if connected to a herd).

We are looking forward to meeting with and getting young people together again and are working to ensure day will be informative as well as a social outing.

For more information please contact Louise at or by calling 044 9348855.

Gurteragh horned & Dominarigle polled production Sale 2021

Michael O’Keeffe held a very successful production sale of Hereford females and embryos in Kanturk mart on Saturday 5th June 2021. Michael presented 40+ Pedigree females and embryos for sale on the day from his Gurteragh horned herd and Dominarigle polled herd, including 17 Autumn calving cows, 9 in-calf heifers, 10 maiden heifers and 5 weanling heifer.

The sale was a great success with the top price of the day flying in at €4300 for a three-year-old Gurteragh Oakley 652 daughter; Dominarigle 1 Laila 779 ET. This smashing cow was bred from one of the best cows in the herd; Dominarigle 1 Sydney 611 which was a Corlismorepoll 1 Sydney daughter. This Four Star Replacement Index cow is also in calf to Gurteragh Rambo and due in October.

Maiden heifer; Dominarigle 1 Rosalyn 881 ET was sold for the second top price of the day at €3300. Born in December 2019, this Four Star replacement heifer is a half sister to Dominarigle 1 Laila 779 ET who sold for €4300 and sired by Gurteragh Justice ET.

It was a horned heifer who topped the price for In-calf heifers when Gurteragh Marigold 816 was sold to Clare for €2800. This stylish heifer was sired by Gurteragh Rambo 700 ET and bred from an F.H Noel Dam. Marigold has a Four Star Replacement rate as well as being in calf to Balleen Bonus and due this month.

Gurteragh Alexandra 693 ET was purchased by a Tipperary farmer for €2700. This five-year-old cow is a Moyclare Lieutenant daughter, due to calve in August and carrying to Gurteragh Oakley. This cow’s dam; Gurteragh Fantasy is also the dam of Gurteragh Aristocrat, who sold for €3700 at the Premier Spring Hereford Sale in Tullamore in March 2019 to a breeder in Northern Ireland.

Dominarigle 1 Trinity 702, in calf to Gurteragh Rambo and due in August, was sold on the day for €2550. Sired by Balleen Bonus, this super cow is a daughter of one of the best cows in the herd; Dominarigle 1 Sydney and her grand dam; Corlismore 1 Sydney was the top priced cow at the Gurteragh & Dominarigle Herd Sale back in 2015.

Top price on the day for weanling heifers was €2050 for a polled heifer; Dominarigle 1 Lyra 925. Lyra was purchased by a Hereford breeder from Cork. Lyra is a daughter of Dominarigle 1 Trinity 702, who sold for €2550 and sired by Gurteragh Rambo 700 Et. With a Five Star Replacement Rate, Lyra was bred from a Dominarigle 1 Sydney dam.

The Society would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Michael on the running of a very successful sale and wish him all the best going forward. Well done and the very best of luck also to all purchasers.

For Performance, Premiums & Profit

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