Hereford Cross Heifers -perfect for the butcher shop!

The O’Rielly Traditional Butcher shop is a self-sufficient operation in Kilmacthomas, Co. Waterford. The Shop is stocked with home reared cattle that are slaughtered in their own abattoir.

Hereford Cross Heifers are an obvious choice for the butcher shop – providing top quality beef for their customers from top quality Heifers.

Hereford heifers on the O’Rielly farm in Waterford.

The owner, Joe O’Rielly, said they choose Hereford cattle to sell in their shop because Herefords when finished give a nice fat coverage which is what we want for our country based shop. The fat cover allows us to hang the beef on the bone for anything up to 28 days, something you can’t do with lean meat. Hereford have a lovely marble in the meat and a rich red colour which is appealing to the eye of customers. The carcasses aren’t as big as the continental breeds either and finish fast off grass. Smaller carcasses mean smaller cuts of meat, keeping the price down for customers. Herefords are also a calm breed, easy to handle and manage on the farm, not as “flightly” as some of the other breeds”.

All heifers are bought in as young stock and fed on farm until they are slaughtered at 250kgs – the ideal weight for butcher shop cuts. The family are fully immersed in Irish farming & rural life – they also run a Suckler herd and finish heavier cattle for slaughter in a local factory.

During these unprecedented times it is business as usual with the shop remaining open and goods being delivered to car boots for customers. Another local business serving the community in these times of need!

Hereford Cross Heifer carcases hanging in the chill.
Hereford Cross Heifer carcases hanging in the chill.

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