Elite Genetics Production Sale 2019.

The Elite Genetics Production Sale was held last Saturday 31st August 2019 GVM Tullamore. Clive Davies introduced the sale and set the scene for the day where a packed ringside witnessed an upbeat atmosphere surrounding a cracking sale, with a 90% clearance of breeding females from 3 well established Hereford herds from across the Country; Balleen Herefords,Kilkenny, Corlismore Herefords, Cavan & Trillick Herefords, Longford.

Each herd received over €3000 of an average price for their quality breeding females, many of which were in-calf along with embryos sold from the famed Balleen Pansy 924 & Balleen Cece. The terrific prices for the cattle and the high percentage of cattle sold highlighted the super quality of the stock for sale. Customers from Cork to Donegal and Northern Ireland were amongst the successful bidders.
Congratulations to all those who purchased and best wishes with your breeding program. Well done to all of the 3 herds involved in the sale.

Top price went for Lot 4 Balleen Polly €5,800.

Lot 4 Balleen Polly sold for €5,800.

LOT 6 Trillick Delight €4,800

Lot 6 Trillick Delight. Sold for €4,800

LOT 20 Corlismorepoll 1 Sydney 972 €4,400.

Lot 20 Corlismorepoll 1 Sydney 972 Sold for €4,400

LOT 16 Balleen Pansy 51065 – 3,400.

Lot 16 Balleen Pansy 51065 sold for €3,400.

LOT 23 Corlismore Amber 977 €4,000.

Lot 23 Corlismore Amber 977 sold for €4,000.

LOT 9 Trillick Dutchess €3,800.

Lot 9 Trillick Dutchess sold for €3,800.

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