Yarram Star General W251

GS: AI Code: YSG – HB Ref: YPHW251

Yarram Star General (YSG)Date of Birth: 6/4/2001

  • GS: BP Star General 51A
  • Sire: Yarram Star General S206
  • GD: Yarram Fancy N 303
  • GS: Hot Shot RHHR 20W
  • Dam: Yarram Marinda P224
  • GDYarram Marinda 336

Yarram Star General W251, currently being used within the 700 cow Yarram Park pedigree herd, is an outstanding bull with some very impressive progeny. W251 is bred at Yarram Park, Victoria, the same herd which produced Yarram Pompeii V055, so successful here in recent years producing some outstanding progeny. Commercial progeny of V055 sons are now coming on stream for the Hereford Prime Scheme and are showing excellent carcass characteristics with tremendous length while the V055 daughters are milking well.

The latest sire, Yarram Star General W251, is sired by Yarram Star General S206 out of a Hot Shot cow by BP Star General 51A while the dam Yarram Marinda P224 is by the renowned Hot Shot RHHR 20W by the familiar LCI High Voltage 80S out of Yarram Marinda 336 by Devon Court Emperor.

This is a bull with excellent performance figures and with very high accuracy levels on the Australian Breedplan System. A trait leader for 200 day growth, he is in the top 7% of the breed for 400 and 600 day growth. His figures for milk, carcase weight, rib fat and rump fat place him within the top 15% of the breed in Australia.

Yarram Park state that the aim at the 17,500 acre property is to produce structurally sound functional bulls with natural doing ability. Soundness, fertility and maternal qualities are the first priorities in their breeding program. Performance data is only then taken into consideration.

Birth Wt. Kg. Milk Kg. 200 D Wt. 400 D Wt. 600 D Wt. Eye Muscle Rib Fat Rump Fat
+5.5 +14 +36 +53 +74 +2.3 +0.8 +1.1
94% 58% 89% 86% 85% 58% 67% 67%

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