Wiranya Batavia (Polled)

AI Code: WIA – Ref: RGPS5

Wiranya BataviaDOB: 08/04/1997

  • GS: Vena Park Jackpot (H)
  • Sire: Vena Park Sharka (H)
  • GD: Wallamumbi Victoria 348 (H)
  • GS: Wiranya Parker ET6 (P)
  • Dam: Wiranya Diana L99 (P)
  • GD: Wiranya Diana H26 (P)


This Polled Hereford was not inspected by Society personnel but was used by the Australian Poll Hereford Society as part of the World Hereford genetic evaluation project.

At 26 months he measured frame 7.2, weighed 1076 kgs. and 137 cm.sq. EMA Sired by the horned bull Vena Park Sharka.

Sharka is a highly regarded horned hereford and is a trait leader for 200, 400, 600, day weight plus milk, muscle area and retail beef yield.

Birth Wt. Kg. 200D Milk 200D Wt. 400D Wt. 600D Wt. Retail Beef Yield
+8 +10 +31 +59 +84 +2
Acc 95% 76% 95% 94% 93% 77%

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