Darby 1

DOB: 24/08/2008

  • GS: Strelley Excalibur
  • Sire: Corilla All The Way
  • GD: Corilla Hetty
  • GS: Smithston Wee Dram ET1
  • Dam: Smithston Doreen Z044
  • GD: Smithston Doreen W170

This is a very promising young bull from the Smithston herd of Dugald & Billy McIndoe. A well grown bull he shows good muscling and easy fleshing and was the top price bull at the Smithston on farm Autumn production sale.

His sire has bred a very consistent type while his grandsire Red Hill Rockford Roy was an exceptional breeding bull and a trait leader for 200, 400, 600 day weight and also for scrotal size and retail beef yield on Australian Breedplan.

Darby’s maternal Grandsire Smithston Wee Dram was a successful sire with exceptional figures for milk while his sire Park Grove Impressionist was +4 for EMA and +1.9 for retail beef yield.

In recent years the Smithston herd has been downsized retaining some of their top females while the sheep herd has increased to take advantage of local markets. Darby is currently a herd sire at Ardno.

Birth Wt. Kg. 200 D Wt. 400 D Wt. 600 D Wt. Scrotal Size EMA Retail Beef Yield
EBV +4.8 +26 +44 +62 +1.7 +2.5 +1.0
Acc 49% 59% 58% 54% 71% 39% 40%
EU Index + AU$75 Breed Av.+AU$67

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