AI CODE: MW – HB. REF. HRP A229Mawarra Sentimental (MWZ)

DOB: 01/11/2005

  • GS: Vena Park Sharka
  • Sire: Yalaroo Tornado
  • GD: Yalaroo Amaze L048
  • GS: Dunrobin Superstar ET 2A
  • Dam: Mawarra Miss Titania 123 ET6
  • GD: Mawarra Miss Titania 53

Sentimental was purchased by South Boorook Stud for $24,000 at the National Hereford Show and Sale at Wodonga in 2007. His first nine sons sold at their on farm bull sale in Feb. 2010 to a top price of $22,000 to average $7,333. At Wodonga another son, Mawarra Van Dieman sold at $16,000 while Mawarra Victorious sold at $15,000, a further son Jacandra HS was Res. Senior Champion and sold at $13,000.

A trait leader for 200, 400 and 600 day weight he is breeding a consistency of type, carcase and growth for age, also seen in his full brother Mawarra Nostalgia, the Supreme Hereford exhibit at the 2004 Sydney Royal, later sold at auction for $60,000 to the Fraser Family’s Red Hill Stud.

Sentimental’s dam is the Mawarra herd’s most successful breeder selling seven sons to average $16,500. She has proven to be a very successful donor dam in the herd’s ET program and has eleven daughters retained in the herd.

Sentimental is not recommended for heifers as his calving figures would suggest caution. Owner Peter Allen of South Boorook has had 79 calves so far (2008 and 2009). Male calves at birth wt. 47.38 kg, female calves at birth wt. 47.03 kg. 77 calves were “unassisted”, one was assisted “abnormal presentation” and one was assisted “easy pull”.

Birth Wt. Kg. 200 D Wt. 400 D Wt. 600 D Wt. Mat.Cow Wt . ScrotalSize Carcase Wt.
EBV +9.5 +40 +66 +96 +103 +1.8 +45
Acc 93% 86% 85% 86% 74% 80% 72%

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