Mawarra Mustang

AI Code: HE4508

DOB: 24/05/2013

o Karina Cherry Z8
Sire: Tycolah Jovial F77
o Tycolah Countess W48

o Bowen Vincent V1
Dam: DebarryTabitha Y177
o Debarry Tabitha T81

Mawarra Mustang (P) was bred by the Sykes
Family from Longford, Victoria, Australia, one
of Australia’s leading producers of top class
Hereford genetics. The herd has built up an
envied reputation across the continent and
beyond over several years now.
Mustang has grown out into an impressive
young sire with carcase, softness and all the
length and carriage his pedigree suggests. His
fi rst calves were born in 2015 and they have
proved our expectations were not misplaced.

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