Haven Kingpin

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AI Code: HKP

Haven Kingpin (1)DOB: 04/03/2013

  • GH-Adams Shadow 144S
  •  Sire: GH Adams 144S Bulge 138W
  • GH-Adams 45L Twinette 5525
  •  Border Rory A36
  • Dam: Haven Splendour 25th
  • Haven Splendour 23rd

Haven Kingpin a young sire from the Haven herd at Dilwyn, Hereford, one of the oldest and best known in the UK. This bull was selected by members of the Society’s Breed Improvement Committee on his looks, and on his pedigree background. This young bull combines thickness with length. The dam line is one of the best at the Haven herd.

Breedplan May 2014: His Breedplan Terminal figure is +36 Breed Average is +22. Self-Replacing Index is +44 Breed Av is +26. His EBV’S indicate his 200, 400 & 600 day weight will be higher and his 200 day milk higher with shorter gestation putting him in the top echelons of the breed in the UK.

Kingpin’s dam Haven Splendour 25th is a very good cow with tremendous milk while the gran-dam Splendour 23rd is a very consistent cow that has produced a number of top progeny including Haven Governor.

Kingpin’s sire GH Adams 144S Bulge 138W is one of the better bulls to come out of Canada in recent times. The committee believe the combination of bloodlines in Haven Kingpin has produced a sire of outstanding merit.

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