Bowmont Storm A584

AI Code: WMO – HB Ref: GRKA584

STORMDate of Birth: 15/3/2005                     (Semen no longer available)

  • GS: Llanglothan Storm U964
  • Sire: Glendan Park Storm W134
  • GD: Llanglothan Thankful 13
  • GS: Bowmont Jordan
  • Dam: Bowmont Maritana 340
  • GD: Bowmont Maritana 259

Bowmont Storm A584, bred by Geoff King at Bowmont Stud, Victoria, was selected on his own appearance, performance to date and on the strength and visual impact of his sire Glendan Park Storm. The great grandsire of this outstanding bull A584 is the sire of the very successful Churchill Storm V583. He exhibits tremendous length, growth and carcass characteristics. His sire, Glendan Park Storm W134, an outstanding carcass bull with great length and substance and tremendous mobility, was the 2004 Wodonga $24,000 Grand Champion purchased by Geoff King in partnership with the Nixon Family of the Devon Court herd in Southern Queensland west of Brisbane.

The dam, Bowmont Maritana 340, is sired by Bowmont Jordan. Though he has had no progeny recorded as yet, his Australian EBV’s place him in the top end of the breed. This bull has good performance figures for 200, 400 and 600 day growth, for scrotal size, is +2.5 Eye Muscle Area (EMA), +1.5 for Retail Beef Yield (RBY).

The Bowmont herd consists of 150 pedigree Hereford cows and followers, its breeding objectives are on doing ability, fertility, structural soundness and cosmetics, combined with the use of EBV’s to produce a package that is practical for both pedigree and commercial breeders. The herd has had some considerable success at the Hereford National at Wodonga Grand Champion in 2000, Intermediate and Reserve Grand Champion in 2002, Reserve Intermediate Champion in 2003, Intermediate Champion 2005, Reserve Intermediate Champion 2006, and most recently with Bowmont Victoria Blend B747 Reserve Intermediate Champion 2008 sold at Aus $26,000.

Birth Wt. Kg. 200 D Wt. 400 D Wt. 600 D Wt. EMA RBY EU Index Value+ Aus $82Breed Av + Aus $68
+3.4 +21 +43 +68 +3.3 +1.7
66% 74% 76% 77% 51% 52%

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