Meat Quality

As environmental and sustainability issues come to the fore there has been renewed interest in the Hereford breed with its early maturity and ability to finish more economically at lower weights.  Herefords can provide the consumer with excellent meat produced in a system that benefits the animal and environment.  The Hereford represents quality over quantity and it offers an opportunity for Irish and European farmers to increase margins at the premium end of the market.

free_range_herefordshire_sirloin_steak_1The Irish Hereford Breed Society is proud to be involved with two excellent schemes in the production of award winning beef brands – Certified Hereford Irish Beef and Irish Hereford Prime. The marbling ability of the breed together with the texture and tenderness of Hereford beef have combined with the animals inherent docility to ensure a superior quality eating experience every time.

Certified Hereford Beef is currently available at all LIDL Ireland stores under the “Inisvale Selection” & “Deluxe Selection” label. This is an award winning brand succeeding due to the high quality of the meat that the Hereford breed produces.

The development of the Irish Hereford Prime brand in 1997 led to the identification of a major demand for beef of high eating quality.The brand has won a number of prestigious awards for excellence and is available through a major Irish multiple, high-end independent retailers and all good restaurants. Irish Hereford Prime also supplies an expanding number of prestigious contracts in the European market.


Certified Irish Hereford Beef Fillet Steak has been awarded the World Steak Challenge Gold award in 2019 following a silver award in 2018. Hereford beef has earned a well deserved place on the winning platform! This is positive news for Hereford beef which has also earned the title of most flavorsome beef which is likely to become a very important selling point for Irish Beef producers – see here for more info.

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