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95% of calves presented in Bandon last week were of traditional breeding

Bandon Mart – 22nd March

There were 1450 calves offered for sale in Bandon mart last week on Monday 22nd March with 95% of them being traditionally bred calves.

Despite the increase in numbers of Hereford sired calves presented for sale, prices remained steady & consistent with calves of both sexes, aged between four and six weeks, selling for between €290 – €380. Many younger calves also sold for the same money.

*** Above report & images credited to Irish Farmers Journal – In Pictures’ dated 24/03/21***

Waterford Ross Mart – 20th March

There were 1031 calves presented for sale in Waterford Ross last week.

Speaking to AgriLand about the sale , mart manager, Richard said he felt the quality of calves coming to marts seems to be improving compared to other years – with higher numbers of beef calves hitting the ring.

Hereford bulls sold from €370/head back to €110/head, with the heifers selling from €100/head up to €330/head.

Carnew Mart – 20th March

Hereford bull calves sold from €160/head up to €390/head. Younger bulls were selling at €150-200/head, with the better type of calf making €250-300/head

Heifers with the same breeding were selling from €110/head up to €330/head.

Enniscorthy – 24th March

Hereford and Angus bull calves were selling from €160/head up to €345/head – while heifers were ranging from €145/head up to €320/head for the quality Hereford female.

*** Agriland reports above credited to Michael Carey, Calf Trade Reports dated 24/03/21***

Kilkenny Bull Sale March 2021

Kilkenny held their annual Multi-breed bull sale last Wednesday 24th March 2021.

There was great success for Corlismore Pedigrees for the second year in a row when they sold the top priced Hereford bull. Corslimorepoll 1 Bradstock 028, sired by Panmure 1 Henry , sold for the super price of €3500. Corlismore Herefords had further success at the sale when they sold their second entered bull which averaged the price for the two bulls at € 3125.

Tourtane Brendan 1177 also brought great success to Mervyn & Trevor Parr when he sold for €3300. Brendan is sired by Kilsunny Goliath & bred from a Mawarra Sentimental Dam.

Well done to all exhibitors & Purchasers at the sale.

Hereford Bull Sales off to a flying start!

The Irish Hereford Premier Spring Sale was held last Saturday 27th March in GVM Tullamore at 1pm. A sale very different from what breeders are used to whereby there was no washing or parading of bulls permitted and sellers had to leave the premises once they had unloaded their bull into the pens. Viewers were then allowed on site by appointment only at an allocated time slot before the sale commenced.

Despite the restrictions which caused worry among breeders, there was a 65% clearance rate – up on previous sales and an average price of €2970 which lent to a flyer of a sale & a great start to what hopes to be a consistently good bull selling season. There were 10 out of the 17 bulls sold for at least €3000 with eight of them earning above the mark. Irish Hereford Prime kindly sponsored €250 to the buyers of each bull sold for €3000 and over. This was an invaluable support to breeders and proved just how helpful and worthy a contribution it is.

The top of the town was earned by Kye Nando 881 who sold for €4200. This four star Terminal bull was bred by Free Town Nevada and out of a Steil Gerard Dam. This fertility tested bull was sold to a fellow breeding herd in Cork.

Lot 11 Kye Nando sold for € 4200

Next in line at the top of the sales prices was Airhill Raffael, exhibited by Nigel Heatrick of Glaslough Herefords. Nigel purchased this bull as a calf on a cow at the Airhill Reduction sale in 2019. This calf proved his value on Saturday when he sold for €4000 to a breeding herd in Offaly. Raffael, sired by Cill Cormaic Napoleon, has served cows in Glaslough herd already & his first calf was born just a few days before the sale, & Nigel is delighted to have his progeny on farm coming on again.

Lot 5 Airhill Raffael sold for € 4000

There was great success for Longford breeder’s duo; Edwin & Robert Jones of Keenagh Herefords. The pair showed Keenagh Pedro who came into the ring as Lot 10. Sired by Keenagh L-Jay, a home bred sire out of Hollow Point Broker, is definitely proving his worth this season. Pedro is also sired by a Kilsunny Goliath dam. This five star Terminal & Replacement bull was sold to a Co. Clare herd for the excellent price of €3900.

Lot 10 Keenagh Pedro sold for € 3900

Success didn’t end there for the Keenagh herd when they sold their second entered bull; Keenagh Prince Pablo for €3600. Again sired by Keenagh L-Jay, this fine bull was sold to the pedigree breeding Hereford herd of Wade McCrabbe in Donegal.

Lot 21 Keenagh Prince Pablo sold for € 3600

Lot 26 came to the fore when Ballinalick Felix, a Five Star Terminal bull sold to Carlow for €3200.

Feevaghmore Las Vagas 2, sired by Haven Kingpin & standing as a Five Star Terminal & Four Star Replacement index bull sold for €3100 to a pedigree breeder in Cork.

Lot 6 Feevaghmore Las Vegas 2 sold for € 3100

There were a number of other bulls sold for €3100, including Lot 24 – Fortviewpoll 1 Party. This Five Star Terminal & Five Star Replacement index bull combined the best of traditional & modern genetics. After being out wintered, fertility tested & confirmed myostatin free, this Fortview bull was sold to the west of Ireland.

Lot 24 Fortviewpoll 1 Party sold for € 3100

Lot 25 – Woodviewpoll 1 Oskar was also sold to the West of Ireland for a smashing €3100. This Five Star Terminal & Five Star Replacement bull was sired by Allowdale Rory 594 & bred from a Solpoll cow.

Lot 25 Woodviewpoll 1 Oskar sold for € 3100

It was a good sale for Grianan Herefords who sold Lot 23 – Grianan Ultra for €3000. Sired by Grianan Parker, who has produced National Champions & bulls that have previously sold for €5000 & bred from a Churchill Storm bred cow, who is a full sister to Grianan Firecracker, this quality bull has a birth weight of 38kgs as well as a 200 day weight of 324kgs.

Lot 23 Grianan Ultra sold for €3000

Kicking off the good trade on Saturday was Boyanna Storm 1st. Sired by Cavehill Storm, this Five Star Terminal & Four Star replacement index bull, was fertility tested and had cows scanned in calf before being sold to Wexford herd for €3000.

Lot 2 Boyanna Storm 1st sold for € 3000

Congratulations to all exhibitors &the best of luck to all purchasers with their bulls. Many thanks is extended to all who sold & purchased at the sale, to all who worked & volunteered their time to ensure a smooth running of the sale, to GVM Tullamore for hosting the sale & the staff, to our newly appointed auctioneer Richard Ryan & to Irish Hereford Prime for sponsoring this sale & contributing the fantastic sum of €2500 to over half of the buyers.

Upcoming Hereford Spring sales:

  • Carrick-on-Shannon: Saturday April 3rd 
  • Nenagh: Saturday April 10th 
  • Bandon: Thursday April 15th
  • Kilmallock: Friday April 16th
  • Nenagh: Saturday May 15th 

Irish Hereford Prime will sponsor €200 towards the top FIVE highest priced bulls in Nenagh, Bandon, Kilmallock & Nenagh May sale along with €250 to the highest priced bull in Carrick.

Catalogues will be available two to three weeks prior to each sale & photos of bulls can be viewed at

Sale rules & guidelines for both Nenagh & Kilmallock sales in April are the same as Tullamore & outlines HERE!

Whitehead calves remaining consistently in demand.

Kanturk Mart

There were 500 Calves sold through Kanturk Mart this week. For the month of March, Kanturk Credit Union sponsored a best breed calf class each week and this week was the Hereford class.

The breeder of the bull & heifer champion each received €100 and the buyer of each calf received €25.

The Male Champion was a five-week old Hereford bull calf which sold for €350, belonging to a farmer from Newmarket, Tony Aherne.

The Female Champion was awarded to a one-month old calf bred by John O’Keeffe from Boherbue and was sold for €300.

Overall, Hereford calves sold for between €220 and €300.

The demand continues to remain high for older, healthy calves around the one month old mark.

Bandon Mart

There were 1350 calves for sale in Bandon this week & the demand for beef bred calves remained as constant as has been all Spring.

The majority of Hereford calves sold for between €190 to €260 with the very top end of calves earning between €290 and €370 for strong calves around and under the six week mark.

Average prices this week according to ICBF were back on last week but only slightly – Hereford bulls sold at an average price of €239 and heifers at €203.

***Article & Photos accredited to Irish Farmers Journal: ‘In Pictures’ dated 15th March 21 & published paper dated 20th March 21***

Kilkenny Mart

There were 480 calves in total sold in Kilkenny calf sale this week with Hereford bull makes as high as €325 and heifers topping at €270.

Ballybay Mart

Again stronger and older calves were in better demand and earned higher prices with Hereford bulls earning upto €360/head. Heifers were between €20 -€30 cheaper than that again.

*** Report accredited to Agriland, ‘Calf Trade: Calf exporters return to action’, dated 17th March 2021***

Demand for Hereford sired calves remaing strong – 8th week in a row!

Irish Farmers Journal

There were 1400 calves on offer this week in Bandon Mart.

Demand remained high for beef calves with many more calves presented for sale aged between one month and six weeks old which is adding to the continued good prices being earned for Hereford calves.

Hereford cross calves ranged from €250 – €350 in price with lighter calves capping at €250.

Mart manager, Tom McCarthy, at his last sale in Bandon commented that whitehead calves are “as dear today as they have been all Spring. You’re talking a month old bull calf at €300 and older ones are making abit more”.

Average prices were back this week according to ICBF data with Hereford bulls selling for an average price of €246 and heifers selling for an average of €219 – inevitable to happen as the volume of calves coming out increased but still steady prices holding their own.

The Society would like to wish Tom the very best of luck on his next venture & thank him for his help to date.

***Above Report & Photo accredited to Irish Farmers Journal dated 8th Mar 21 – ‘In Pictures’***


Reports from Agriland this week also confirmed strong demand for Hereford cross calves;

Carnew; Hereford and Angus heifers achieved prices of €80/head up to €325/head. Bulls with similar breeding sold from €360/head easing back to €130/head.

Ennis: Hereford bull calves were auctioned from €280/head up to €365/head. Heifers sold from €260/head back to €200/head.

Last week also seen a strong demand for Hereford calves according to Agriland’s reports;

Carrigallen: “The Hereford calves met a stronger trade, with bulls selling up to €320/head and back to €220/head. The heifer calves were selling from €200/head up to €350/head.

Waterford- Ross: “Angus and Hereford bull calves sold from €125/head up to €400/head. The heifer calves sold from €100/head up to €320/head.

Kilkenny: “Angus and Hereford bulls were selling from €130/head up to €340/head. Heifers with similar breeding sold from €305/head back to €120/head,” George concluded.

***Above Report accredited to Agriland dated 3rd Mar & 8th Mar 21***