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Continued demand for Hereford calves in Bandon mart this week

There was a strong demand for Hereford calves in Bandon mart again this week.

Herefords appeared as good sellers all round with Hereford bull calves earning between €235 upto as high as €405 per head.

Hereford heifer calves were sold for between €200 and €390 – the same as last week’s heifer calf prices.

Tommy Moyles, speaking on behalf of the Irish Farmers Journal said that “the move online has shaken up the trade abit” and is adding to the surge in prices when compared to this time last year.

Hereford calves are making €40/head more than what was earned at the corresponding sale last January.

***Full report & photos credited to Irish farmers Journal***

Strong demand for Hereford Cross Calves in Bandon!

There was strong demand this week for Hereford calves as calf sales kicked off in Bandon Mart last Monday.

Hereford bull calves made from €220 upto as high as €440 with heifer calves selling for between €200 and upto as high as €390.

Cork Co-Op Marts manager; Tom McCarthy, while speaking to the Irish Farmers Journal, has said there is an “exceptionally strong start this year” with “good vibes coming from the beef side of things”. Tom commented that the demand for calves is attributed to the dear prices being paid for store cattle and so farmers are buying valves to build up numbers with the money they have.

***Article & Images credit in full to Irish Farmers Journal dated Saturday 23rd January 2021 – Camera at the mart, page 61***

Hereford crosses will make a very profitable calf-to-beef contribution

There has been good news again for Hereford on the Dairy Calf-to -beef system!

The latest Teagasc Green Acres factsheet confirms that Hereford cross animals can play an important role in driving both cash flow and profitability within any calf-to-beef system. Hereford and Aberdeen Angus-bred animals represent 35% of all the calves born to dairy dams in Ireland.

Significantly, heifers can be finished at between 19 months and 21 months with steers brought through for slaughter at either 21 months or 23 months-of-age.

All these timeframes confirm the opportunity to maximise grazed grass intakes with early spring-born calves. Avoiding the need for a second winter feeding period within any calf-to-beef system helps reduce costs while, at the same time, maximising the margin that can be generated from early maturing cattle.


Where the management of Hereford crossbred heifer calves is concerned, finishing off grass at 19 months to 21 months in October/November of the second grazing season is the target to meet.

Achieving this target will require a lifetime daily gain of 0.8kg. Overall concentrate usage will average 450kg per animal.

Grazed grass, silage and concentrates will account for 73%, 9% and 18% respectively of the animals’ overall diet. Yearling heifers should be turned out in spring, achieving a minimum of 200kg over a 220-day grazing season.


Approximately 250,000 Hereford male calves come on to the market annually. Research conducted in Johnstown Castle has shown that steers finished off grass are more profitable than their shed-finished counterparts.

February-born male calves are best suited to a 21-month production period. A lifetime daily gain of 0.8kg is required to ensure that the calves are finished off grass.

Steers are stored during the first winter on grass and silage ad-lib. This can be supplemented with 1.5-2.0kg of concentrate daily, depending on silage quality.

Grazed grass, silage and concentrates account for 63%, 19% and 18% respectively of the animals’ overall diet.

Where 23-month steer beef is concerned, animals will be finished indoors during the period December through to February. Carcase weights in the region of 300kg should be targeted with an O+3= classification.

Again, a lifetime daily gain of 0.8kg will be required. Grazed grass, silage and concentrates will account for: 52%; 26%; and 22% respectively of the animals’ overall diet.

More info on the programme available HERE!

***Full Credit for this article is given to Michael Geary,, published on 24th December at 6:00am.

Photo Credit: Irish Hereford Prime

National Hereford Virtual Calf Show 2020

The Irish Hereford Breed Society and in particular the North Leinster Hereford Branch and Irish Hereford Prime are delighted with how successful the National Hereford Calf Show 2020 has turned out to be. With over 110 entries received for 11 classes and a strong show of top quality Pedigree Hereford & Hereford cross calves entered across the board.

This virtual event is the first of its kind for the Society and has been very well received and supported.


The Society were delighted to have three very capable and talented judges on board;

  • Robin Irvine – Graceland Herefords, NI
  • Adam Woods – Technical Beef Journalist & Suckler farmer
  • Nigel Owens – International Rugby Referee & Hereford Breeder, Wales

Commenting on the quality of the stock; Nigel Owens said “The animals were a credit to the breeders and some of the classes proved very hard to select a winner from”. He also commented that he hoped “all breeders got something out of it in this very difficult year”.

All three judges executed the tough task flawlessly which was no easy feat with large entries in many of the classes and are owed great thanks and appreciation.


The Society would also like to thank their generous sponsors, who kindly donated prizes despite this turbulent year and appreciate that without their kind support an event like this wouldn’t be possible;

  • Moocall
  • Allsure
  • Herdwatch
  • Dectomax
  • Irish Hereford Prime

Class Winners

  • Class 1: Heifer born on or between 1st July 2019 & 30th September 2019 –Grianan Orange U 877
  • Class 2: Heifer born on or between 1st Oct 2019 & 31st December 2019 – Grianan Orange U894
  • Class 3: Heifer born on or between 1st January 2020 & 31st March 2020 – Keenaghpoll 1 Rocket Roxie
  • Class 4: Heifer calf of the future born from April 1st 2020 onwards – Clonroe Imogen
  • Class 5: Bull born on or between 1st July 2019 & 30th September 2019 – Moyclare Sam
  • Class 6: Bull born on or between 1st Oct 2019 & 31st December 2019 – Rathregan Bonanza
  • Class 7: Bull born on or between 1st January 2020 & 31st March 2020 – Hillock Basil
  • Class 8: Bull calf of the future born from April 1st 2020 onwards – Clondrina Poll 1 1327
  • Class 9: Dairy Beef Index – Pedigree Genotyped Bull born on or between July 1st & December 31st 2019. Criteria for judging based 60% on appearance and 40% on Dairy Beef index – Moyclare Sam
  • Class 10: Commercial Hereford sired calf, male or female, born in 2020 – Roxy
  • Class 11: Hereford / Hereford X Replacement Heifer of the Future – Hereford sired female born on or between July 1st 2019 & June 30th 2020. Criteria for judging based 60% on appearance and 40% on Replacement index – Petra

Public Vote

The class winners from class one to eight were then put forward for a public vote on the website; to crown the four champions.

The voting poll was closed on Friday 11th December after receiving great support & a large number of votes. From there, the three judges; Robin Irvine, Adam Woods & Nigel Owens were drafted back to judge the four champions and choose the overall Supreme Male Champion and the Overall Supreme Female Champion.

Huge congratulations to the champions;

  • Moocall Senior Female Champion – Grianan Orange U 877- Born July 2019 – Sired by Grianan Parkers whose bloodlines go back to Churchill Storm – Bred by T&A Fitzgerald, Westmeath & exhibited by Padraic McKenna of Lisgoagh Herefords, Monaghan. 
Moocall Senior Female Champion; Grianan Orange U 877
  • Allsure Junior Female Champion – Keenaghpoll 1 Rocket Roxy- Born Feb 2020 – Sired by Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid – Bred by Edwin & Robert Jones, Longford
Allsure Junior Female Champion; Keenaghpoll 1 Rocket Roxy
  • Herdwatch Senior Male Champion – Rathregan Bonanza- Born Dec 2019 – Sired by Rathregan Suarez whose bloodlines go back to Kilsunny Goliath – Bred by Val Ledwith, Meath
Herdwatch Senior Male Champion; Rathregan Bonanza
  • Dectomax Junior Male Champion – Clondrinapoll 1 1327-  Born Sept 2020 – Sired by Panmure 1 Henry – bred by Gerard & Declan Donnelly, Clare
Dectomax Junior Male Champion; Clondrinapoll 1 1327

Supreme Male & Female Championship;

Supreme Male Champion 2020 – Rathregan Bonanza

Supreme Female Champion 2020 – Keenaghpoll 1 Rocket Roxy

Supreme Male Champion; Rathregan Bonanza

Supreme Female Champion; Keenaghpoll 1 Rocket Roxy

Huge thanks are extended to everyone who supported this virtual event. As a very different type of Show from what we are all used to, it is inspiring to see so many people getting involved and making the most of the situation at hand. This year has proven to be a difficult year for everyone and although technology has played a large part in keeping communities connected – The Irish Hereford Breed Society & Irish Hereford Prime are looking forward to meeting the public at Agricultural shows very soon again!

Hereford – Hooves 4 Hospice Calendar 2021!

Both the Irish Hereford Breed Society & Irish Hereford Prime are delighted to release the Hereford- Hooves 4 Hospice Calendar 2021!

This beautiful calendar has been compiled using photos that were entered in the Hereford Photo Competition earlier in the year and is currently being sold with all of the proceeds going towards the Hooves 4 Hospice Charity Programme!

Hooves 4 Hospice is a Midlands based charity set up to fund a level 3 hospice for the midlands area in Ireland. Irish Hereford Prime are supporting this fantastic initiative with members donating and rearing calves that will be auctioned during 2021. We have been amazed and touched by the outpouring of warmth from their members in support of this charity for which everyone is so grateful. Their dedication and generosity has been truly inspiring and we look forward to seeing this community hospice standing strong. Laois, Offaly, Longford and Westmeath are currently the only region of the country that does not benefit from palliative hospice care from a dedicated hospice. This hospice will be of enormous value to the local area, bringing comfort, support and respite for friends, families and those using its services.

The calendars are retailing at €10 +PP per calendar with a discount given when purchasing five or more. The calendars can be purchased very easily from the Irish Hereford Prime online shop – via this link;