Irish Hereford double donation to Ukraine Crisis Appeal with ABP

The Irish Hereford Breed Society and Irish Hereford Prime are delighted to be able to make a donation towards the Ukraine Crisis Appeal via the Irish Red Cross.

Both parties have donated €8555 to the charity by raising funds through a bucket collection at the Premier Hereford Sale, hosting an iDonate fundraising page online and by donating the full commission from the Premier Hereford Spring Sale and the following Hereford sale in Kilmallock.

The Society was approached by ABP after such time as the fundraising began with a very generous offer to double the amount fundraised by Irish Herefords and donate that entire sum to the cause also. The Society and Irish Hereford Prime considered the offer and decided it was a no brainer to generate more money towards this more than worthy cause.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported the cause, made donations and to ABP for their contribution also.

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