Next Gen Herefords organise an information webinar for all breeders!

The next Gen Herefords youth group are organising an informative webinar on Wednesday 9th March at 8.30pm via online link.

Part 1 – IVP

The evening will kick off at 8.30pm with an introduction and detailed overview of IVP (In-Vitro Production) Embryo Transfer by Dr. Paddy Buckley.

Paddy Buckley is veterinary practitioner from Cork with a farming background. After working in the UK for some time, Paddy took up a post with AB Europe as a consultant for it’s IVP team. Paddy always had the ambition to bring this technology to Ireland and now he has done just that. There are several differences between this method and and traditional method of multiple ovulation embryo transfer with IVP having many advantages. Tune in at 8.30pm to hear all about the process, what’s included, costs and the pros and cons.

Part 2 – Breed Improvement scheme sires

The second part of the webinar will revolve around the Irish Hereford Breed Society Breed Improvement sires and in particular the newer sires available. The group are inviting breeders who have used the sires and have progeny on the ground to come online to discuss the results and describe the progeny or to share testimonials that can be relayed by the youth group. There will also be photos and imagery of the calves produced. Tis part of the evening will include discussion around the various sires and their characteristics in relation to; birth weight, gestation, thrive since birth, ease of calving, growth rates, type of cow and a general look at the positives and negatives of each sire available for use.

All welcome to register!

The webinar is open to all breeders of all ages! To register for the event email; and a log-in link will be returned via email.

Next Gen Herefords look forward to welcoming you to this event and further upcoming events this year.

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