Next Gen Herefords Youth day at Tully Beef Centre.

Next Gen Herefords are working towards their next youth day out which will be held on Saturday 4th September. The group will visit the ICBF Tully Beef Centre in Kildare.

There are all sorts of research currently being carried out in Tully including beef bull progeny testing which involves measuring traits on bulls, steers & heifers such as weight gain, food consumed & intake, linear scoring, docility, functionality & ultrasound fat & muscle. There is also research being carried out on meat eating genetic evaluations (which is shining a very positive light on Hereford beef), stress symptoms at slaughter & pH of meat as well as methane production from cattle. The group will be given a full tour of the facility along with a run through the production system on the farm, animal health plan along with details of the research and results being carried out.

The day will kick off in Tully at 10am which will leave plenty of time for anyone in the group who wishes to make moves to the second Elite Genetics Production Sale which will be held on the same day in GVM Tullamore at 3pm. There will be over 30 breeding heifers & embryos auctioned from Balleen, Corlismore & Trillick Herefords on the day. The sale is also being held online via LSL Auctions & the catalogue will be available online later this week – More info available at Elite Genetics Production Sale Facebook Page.

All young persons (connected to Herefords/farming or not) aged 16 – 30 are welcome to join & we would be delighted to welcome you along.

Anyone interested in coming along or looking for more information please contact Louise via email at , phone on 044 9348855 or message via the IHBS Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.

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