€3500 tops the trade at Kilkenny May bull sale

Mervyn & Henry Parr of Tourtane Herefords, Kilkenny had a very successful day at the Kilkenny Multi-breed bull sale last Wednesday. Tourtanepoll 1 Ryan 1197, born in November 2019, was bred from Kye Harry 789. With a Four Star Terminal Index and a low calving difficulty of 2.3%, Ryan was sold to a Waterford farmer for €3500, the top price for Herefords on the day.

Tourtanepoll 1 Ryan 1197 sold for €3500.

Balleen Herefords also had great success when the hammer dropped on €3000 for Balleen Rollercoaster. Rollercoaster, bred by Tom Brennan of Balleen Herefords, Kilkenny, was born in February 2020. This young bull is a 3/4 brother of Balleen Val (now standing in Dovea AI station) and along with having a Four Star Replacement Index – has a low calving difficulty of just 1.3% on beef cows & 4% on heifers, below the average.

The average price from the Hereford bull sale was €2475 with almost all of the bulls presented for sale being sold on the day.

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