Hereford sired calves still well in demand!

This week’s Calf sale in Bandon seen an unexpected lift in prices for traditionally sired calves once again.

Demand for Hereford sired calves has not yet slacked this Spring and has even improved again this week with a large number of Hereford sired calves sold for between €240 to €320 with lighter type calves making back to €220.

There was very little difference in price range between traditionally bred calves & continental calves with a great lift in demand for Hereford calves.

*** Above article & photos accredited to Tommy Moyles, ‘Camera at the Mart’, Irish Farmers Journal online, dated 26th April 2021***

This week Agriland took a look at recent calf sales held at Dungarvan, Mid-Tipp and Kilkenny Marts.

In terms of the trade this week, managers are reporting very few setbacks in the prices of beef-sired calves.

Dungarvan Mart

Agriland spoke with Dungarvan Mart manager, Ger Flynn, after this week’s calf sale on Thursday, who stated:

“The Hereford bull calves were in a big demand and sold up to €300/head, with the average price being €220/head.

“Hereford heifers were priced at €140-200/head this week,” Ger concluded.

Mid-Tipp Mart

Numbers were also back at Mid-Tipp Mart on Wednesday according to manager Martin Ryan. However, it left the prices stronger for calves that were presented for sale on the day. Martin stated: “Customers were not in short supply this week by any means. A good few were happy to buy the calves off the phone without even previewing the calves.”

Hereford bulls were in a big demand from farmers and saw prices reach up to €330/head and back to €210/head. Heifers were selling up to €260/head.

Kilkenny Mart

There was a “sharper trade” all around for calves at Kilkenny Mart on Tuesday – according to auctioneer George Chandler.

There was 100% clearance of 400 calves this week with Hereford bulls, fetching prices up to €300/head – while their female counterparts sold up to €280/head.

*** Above article accredited to Michael Carey, Calf Trade Report, Agriland, dated 30th April 2021***

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