Calf trade remaining steady for stronger calves

The rise in beef calf numbers seems to be matching the demand for these calves judging by the prices seen in some marts with Hereford calves holding their own.

Bandon Mart

In Bandon last week, among the 1100 calves that were auctioned, stronger Hereford cross calves sold for between 250 – 330 with the younger calves selling for mainly upto as high as 220.

*** Above report & photo accredited to Tommy Moyles, Irish Farmers Journal, ‘In Pictures’ dated 19/04/21***

Enniscorthy Mart

There was a strong trade for beef calves in Enniscorthy last Wednesday as “Hereford bull calf prices saw the better calves selling at €270- €370/head, while the lighter type whitehead bull was selling at €180- €230/head.

“The Hereford heifers with a bit more quality and strength sold up to €300/head and back to €220/head.

Carnew Mart

At Carnew Mart last Saturday week, Hereford bulls were sold at €140- €300/head, while the Hereford heifer calves were fetching prices between upto €270/head.

Above report accredited to Michel Carey, agriland calf report dated 23/04/21***

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