95% of calves presented in Bandon last week were of traditional breeding

Bandon Mart – 22nd March

There were 1450 calves offered for sale in Bandon mart last week on Monday 22nd March with 95% of them being traditionally bred calves.

Despite the increase in numbers of Hereford sired calves presented for sale, prices remained steady & consistent with calves of both sexes, aged between four and six weeks, selling for between €290 – €380. Many younger calves also sold for the same money.

*** Above report & images credited to Irish Farmers Journal – In Pictures’ dated 24/03/21***

Waterford Ross Mart – 20th March

There were 1031 calves presented for sale in Waterford Ross last week.

Speaking to AgriLand about the sale , mart manager, Richard said he felt the quality of calves coming to marts seems to be improving compared to other years – with higher numbers of beef calves hitting the ring.

Hereford bulls sold from €370/head back to €110/head, with the heifers selling from €100/head up to €330/head.

Carnew Mart – 20th March

Hereford bull calves sold from €160/head up to €390/head. Younger bulls were selling at €150-200/head, with the better type of calf making €250-300/head

Heifers with the same breeding were selling from €110/head up to €330/head.

Enniscorthy – 24th March

Hereford and Angus bull calves were selling from €160/head up to €345/head – while heifers were ranging from €145/head up to €320/head for the quality Hereford female.

*** Agriland reports above credited to Michael Carey, Calf Trade Reports dated 24/03/21***

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