Hereford calf demand consistently growing

Bandon Mart

There were nearly 1700 calves presented for sale in Bandon this week which is a 25% increase on last week and ahead of the same time in 2020.

The majority of calves were between three and five weeks of age with the stronger and well-done calves earning the top prices – as has been seen since the start of the season.

Hereford calves remained a solid seller with heifer & bull calves earning between €250 and €350.

Carlow Mart

Over 400 calves were out in Carlow mart on Monday this week. The mart manager, Jimmy Walsh, told the Irish Farmers Journal after the sale that “trade was much better than last week” and he can see that “calving has ranked up a bit as individual farmers seem to be bringing more calves”.

The beef sired calves dominated trade with many making as much as €400 and a strong interest from farmer buyers.

The majority of beef-sired calves presented for sale on the day were Hereford sired, with calves selling for between €200 and €380 for the better quality calves.

The average price this week for Hereford bull calves was €246 – which is in line with last week’s average price of €248. Hereford heifer prices were actually given a lift this week with the average price of €219, above last week’s average price of €204.

The rising calf numbers do not appear to be hindering calf prices which is very positive news coming into bull selling season. With peak sales a few weeks away yet in some marts – beef sired calves continue to hold their own and earn strong prices.

***Article & Photo credit to Irish Farmers Journal ‘In Pictures’ dated 1st March 2021 & Newspaper dated 6th March 2021***

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