Lift in demand for Hereford calves this week!

Prices for Hereford calves were boosted this week again in Bandon mart.

The better quality calves made between €280 – €350 for both Hereford bulls & heifers. The age of these calves were between two & five weeks old but what remained constant, according to the Irish Farmers Journal, “was that they were solid, square calves and the feeding they received showed in the ring”.

Lighter calves got a lift on last week with the majority of them being sold for €180 – €280.

Calf numbers are on a par with this time last year with 1200 calves, of all breeds, presenting in Bandon & the peak is not expected for another two to three weeks yet.

Overall – the average prices paid in the last week for Hereford bull calves was €248 with the average paid for Hereford heifers being slightly lower at €204. These figures are slightly down from the previous week but still holding their own.

***Report & Photos accredited to the Irish Farmers Journal, online, In Pictures article, dated: 22nd February 2021***

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