Calf numbers at sales increase but prices holding firm

Calf sales kicked off steady this week with some marts running their first calf sale of the season.

In Bandon mart last Monday, there was 1,000 calves on offer with Herefords holding their own. Across the board, there appears to be more three week old calves coming out this week compared to the numbers of four week old calves out in previous weeks. Most Hereford calves sold for between €200 – €300 with the top price for bulls of €360 being reached.

In Cashel Mart; Hereford bull prices were weaker on the ground with tops making €280 but calves were much younger with the average calf age at two weeks old. Hereford heifers held a stronger trade with a top price of €280 and the average price of €255, again for younger calves (two weeks old).

According to data compiled by the Irish Farmers Journal this week; there were more three-week-old calves out for sale than any other ages group and the average top price across the board was; €292 for Hereford bulls & €242 for Hereford heifers, with younger calves bringing down the average.

****Above reports & photo accredited to Irish Farmers Journal dated 20th February 2021 & Online 15th February 2021***

Reported by Agriland this week;

Kilkenny calf sale was held on Tuesday with Hereford bull calves making €360/head and heifers making €310.

Top price for Hereford bull calves in Tullow this week was €300.

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