Ballymartle Full Herd Dispersal sale

Opportunity knocked last Saturday 28th September in Bandon mart with a full herd claearance for Ballymartle Hereford herd.

Great value was purchased by breeders from across the country including Northern Ireland.

Over 90 lots of super polled & horned cattle were auctioned off in record timing including; Cows with calves at foot, cows separately, Calves separately, maiden heifers, Young bulls & 2 stock bulls.

Top quality bred cows and calves sold both in pairs and alone resulting in good prices for both cows and calves i.e.

Lot 3: Calf sold for €1300.

Lot 7: Cow and calf sold for an impressive €2650.

Lot 8: Cow sold for €1900.

Lot 25 – Cow sold for €1750 & her calf sold for €1420.

Lot 65 – Maiden heifer sold for €2070.

Those are just some of the prices that were paid on the day. Good quality and well bred & looked after cattle are moving onto new homes to start the next chapter of enhancing other breeders herd and developing their genetics. This sale was a marvelous opportunity for both Hereford breeders and non-breeders alike to build their herds and introduce first-rate genetics and all stock will no doubt do their jobs well.

Many thanks to all who supported the sale, Bandon mart for hosting the sale and all of the volunteers who helped out on the day of the sale to ensure it ran smooth. The Society would like to wish William O’Brien & family all the best for the future!

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