Ballymartle Dispersal Sale

The owner very reluctantly offers the complete herd for sale. The great majority of the cattle on offer are polled but a goodly number are horned lots from the Coolkirky Herd. This young herd was set up with much care and attention with the long term goal of developing the herd into a fit for purpose breeding unit which was well equipped to supply initially the needs of dairy farmers in the Cork and surrounding counties. Having succeeded in building up a base of returning customers sights were set somewhat higher with an eye to supply Hereford breeders.

The long term view was that poll Herefords would fit that purpose with the increased usage of polled Hereford genetics across the dairy herd, and indeed across Hereford Herds in other European countries and the UK. The very best bloodlines were selected initially with a number of females from the Apple herd of John & Frank Appelbe, fortified with lines from Dendor, Yalgoo, Greenyards and Panmure. More recently Sires from Northern Ireland’s top herds including Graceland, Solpoll, and Solitude are or have been used. Current herd sires include Dernaroy 1 Impact by Lowesmore 1 Entertainer, bred in Co Monaghan and awarded Sire of the Year in Northern Ireland, Solitude 1 Marshall by Panmure 1 Henry and Solpoll 1 Premier by the Danish sire Moeskaer Upgrade.

Having carried out extensive improvements on our grassland area with reseeding and an extensive farm roadway system together with electric fencing we have an abundance of grass which is the mainstay of the feeding program. All calves are weighed and measured at birth while the herd is maintained in a high state of health through a regular dosing regimen. This is a commercially run herd where heifers calve at two years of age. 57 Lots on offer include Cows with calves at foot and back in calf again, Cows with calves at foot, 9 lots of2017/18 born heifers, 18 young bulls born 2018 and 3 stock bulls.

Nothing remains the same times change and our responsibilities drive us in varying directions. Due to a combination of business interests and family commitments we find that very reluctantly the complete herd must go at this sale.

We offer the herd to you with confidence and invite you to visit and view the herd for yourself on Saturday or Sunday September 14th/ 15th from 1.00pm to 6.00pm. Eircode P43 KH67

Please join us for the sale at Bandon Mart on Saturday September 28th next. Sale will commence at 12 Noon.

William O’Brien


Please note that calves with cows in catalogue have their Sires denoted as follows:

IMPACT – Dernaroy 1 Impact See Lot 85 for pedigree

MARSHALL – Solitude 1 Marshall – See lot 86 for pedigreePREMIER – Solpoll 1 Premier – See lot 87 for pedigree

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