The annual Irish Hereford Calf Show enjoyed its fifth installment on Sunday 11th November with spectators flooding the ring to view the 120 animals entered for the event. The mild weather conditions allowed for much more comfort in comparison to last years event, where temperatures felt well below zero. This years calf show enjoyed the newly created “Calf of the Future” class meaning there was five classes for both bulls and heifers. As usual the young handlers got the proceedings underway with Joe Deverell inspecting their stockmanship skills.

Judging the pedigree classes at this years event was Mr. William Smith from Oldcastle, Co. Meath. William is a prominent Limousin breeder who has enjoyed great success over the years at various shows and sales around the country and across water with many animals from his ‘Milbrook Herd’ achieving top honours wherever they entered. William also received many compliments from numerous people in the audience on his judging skills with many praising the short briefing he gave after each class, which acted as a superb pedagogy for both young and old.

William also mentioned that he was involved in breeding Hereford cattle with his father many years ago, with his father too having judged at many well established shows, particularly the Edinburgh Show back in 1971 where Williams father was presented with a show stick after judging Herefords at the event – the same shows stick that William himself had at this years calf show.Judge William Smith 


Taking home the Supreme Male Sash was this year’s Senior Male Champion “Gurteragh Aristocrat” owned by long time breeder Michael O’Keeffe from Newmarket, Co. Cork. Reserve Supreme Male Champion was Michael Molloys Junior Male champion “Moyclare Royal”. Two smashing bulls that impressed many there and will no doubt impress again in 5 months time at the Spring Premier sale dated for March 31st.

Supreme Male Champion & Senior Male Champion: “Gurtergah Aristocrat” with owner Michael O’Keeffe and Judge William Smith

Reserve Supreme & Junior Male Champion: “Moyclare Royal” with owner Michael Molloy and Judge William Smith

Reserve Senior Champion & Winner of the People’s Champion Competition: “Grianan Showman” with owner Anselm Fitzgerald

Reserve Junior Male Champion: “Glaslough Transformer” with owner Nigel & Theola Heatrick

Moving on to the females, Padraig McGraths “Kye Holly 818” impressed more than just the judge as one spectator approached Mr. McGrath to try and purchase the animal shortly after she won her class. Padraig was hesitant to part ways with his very stylish heifer but its understood that a substantial fee of €4,000 secured the transfer for the new owner. “Kye Holly 818” didn’t stop there however as the judge tapped her froward as the Supreme Female Champion shortly after she had just won Junior Female Champion. Taking the Reserve Supreme Female was the Senior Female Champion “Corlismorepoll 1 Sydney 941” owned by Sean McKiernan. “Sydney” enjoyed a formidable show season achieving top honours at many of the shows she attended and will no doubt develop in to a terrific cow for the Corlismore Herd.

Supreme Female Champion & Junior Female Champion: “Kye Holly 818” with ownerd Padraig & Catherine McGrath and Judge William Smith.

Reserve Supreme Female Champion & Senior Female Champion: “Corlismorepoll 1 Sydney 941” with owner Gary & Evelyn McKiernan and Judge William Smith

Reserve Senior Female Champion: “Ardmulchan Clover 776” with owner Catherine Smyth

Reserve Junior Female Champion: “Glosterbeg Erica” with owners Davina & Lesley Lewis

Class Results

Class 1: Young Handler –Junior (Sponsor: Irish Hereford Breed Society & Alison Beatie – Farm Wardrobe)

  1. Paula McNamara
  2. Elisa Drumm
  3. John Angland
  4. Tara Drumm
  5. Bryan Farrell

Junior young handler winner – Paula McNamara

Class 2: Young Handler – Senior (Sponsor: Irish Hereford Breed Society & Alison Beatie – Farm Wardrobe)

  1. David Kenny
  2. Lesley Lewis
  3. Sinead Conry
  4. Sarah Murray
  5. Mark Hyland

Senior young handler winner with 2018 bursary winner Anna Jacob

North Leinster Branch Chairman Niall Daly presents Joe Deverell with a gift for judging of the young handlers

Class  3: Heifer Calf born in September & October 2017 (Sponsor: Hugh Mulvihill [Auctioneer] & GVM)

  1. Sean Mc Kiernan – Corlismorepoll 1 Sydney 941, 372214481650941, 10th Oct 17, Cill Cormaic Leo, Corlismorepoll 1 Sydney 524
  2. E & R Jones – Keenagh Novea, 372222238110343, 18th Oct 17, Blackwater Lad, Lislaughtin Alma 9
  3. Nigel Heatrick – Glaslough Trudy, 372222650051277, 13th Oct 17, Ballyaville Ger, Glaslough Jewel
  4. Niall & Lisa Daly – Gageboro Sonata, 372223754821026, 3rd Sep 17, Gageboro Opinion, Boyana Oyster
  5. Gerry McNamara – Churchcross Petulla, IE131418960909, 9th Sep 17, Steil Gerard, Fortfarm Kitty

Class 4: Heifer Calf born in November & December 2017 (Sponsor: Greenvale Animal Feeds)

  1. Philip Smyth –A rdmulchan Clover 776, 372214429550776, 7th Nov 17, Church Preen Galileo, Ardmulchan Clover 456
  2. Nigel Heatrick – Glaslough Trisha, 372222650011281, 17th Nov 17, Ballyaville Ger, Glaslough Newlook
  3. Dermot Whelton – Hazel Grove Damzel, IE141322310011, 13th Nov 17, Gageboro Morgan, Newstar Autumn
  4. JJ Farrell – Trillick Lily, 372213272041931, 15th Dec 17, Clipston Squire, Corlismore Echoe 591

Class 5: Heifer Calf born in January & February 2018 (Sponsor: Irish Hereford Breed Society)

  1. Padraig Mc Grath – Kye Holly 818, 372214969270818, 4th Jan 18, Freetown Hotspur, Kye Sorcha 3rd
  2. Trevor Dudley – Kilsunny Doreens Omega, 372219778791714, 4th Feb 18, Glaslough Judge, Kilsunny Doreens Jasmin
  3. Sean Mc Kiernan – Corlismore Tara 958, 372214481650958, 11th Feb 18, Cill Cormaic Leo, Corlismore Tara 618
  4. Davina Lewis – Glosterbegpoll 1 Sheeba, 372219639840490, 20th Jan 18, Glosterbeg Dave, Tourtanepoll 1 Sally
  5. Trevor Dudley – Kilsunny Lass Olympia, 372219778711707, 21st Jan 18, Glaslough Judge, Kilsunny Lass Fluffy

Class 6: Heifer Calf born in March or April 2018 (Sponsor: Hereford Prime)

  1. Christine Drumm – Crowenstown Auriella Ivy, 372223810270006, 3rd Mar 18, Cave Hill Storm, Kilsunny Doreens Ivy
  2. Sean Mc Kiernan – Corlismore Amber 977, 372214481680977, 16th Apr 18, Shiloh Farm Dynamite, Rossmore Amber
  3. T & A Fitzgerald – Grianan Orange S847, 372223154920847, 15th Apr 18, Grianan Parker, Grianan Orange H629
  4. Sean Mc Kiernan – Corlismorepoll 1 Sydney 972, 372214481630972, 10th Mar 18, Normanton 1 Laertes ET, Corlismorepoll 1 Sydney 594
  5. T & A Fitzgerald – Grianan Cooperobin S842, 372223154960482, 15th Mar 18, Grianan Parker, Grianan Cooperobin M652

Class 7: Heifer Calf of the Future – born from May 1st onwards (Sponsor: Progressive Genetics)

  1. Davina Lewis – Glosterbeg Erica, 372219639890504, 2nd May 18, Glosterbeg Dave, Glosterbeg 245th
  2. Sean Mc Kiernan – Corlismore Sally 980, 372214481630980, 20th May 18, Shiloh Farm Dynamite, Corlismore Sally 722
  3. Michael & Grainne Farrell – Castledalypoll 1 Hannah, 372218952750160, 15th Jun 18, Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid, Castledaly Crystals
  4. John Neenan & Tommy Cregan – Tullaha Buttercup 353, 372217610370353, 4th May 18, Gageboro Morgan, Tullaha Buttercup
  5. John Canty – Port 1 Tina, 372215916181125, 20th Aug 18, Balleen Revival, Port 1 Tina

Class 8: Commercial Hereford sired calf, Male or Female not weighing over 450kg (Sponsor: Hereford Prime)

  1. Hynes Family – PJ, 372223754841044, 22nd Dec 17, Gageboro Morgan, IE301207220839
  2. Hugh P Murray – Lilly, IE212246280205, 1st Feb 18, Romany 1 Lawbreaker, IE182026730288
  3. Louis Feeney – Bulldozer, 372224771320745, 12th Mar 18, Mr Ever Ready, Rose 646
  4. Hugh P Murray – Mick, IE212246260211, 30th May 18, Church Hill Nigel, IE301221780485
  5. Michael O’Keeffe – Gurteragh Black Beauty, 372213625360767, 1st Mar 18, Gurteragh Oakley, HEX

The Hynes family with their winner of the Commerical class with Sponsor Nigel Heatrick (Board Member of Hereford Prime)

Commerical class judge – John Canty

Class 9: Bull Calf born in September & October 2017 (Sponsor: Hugh Lakeland Dairies)

  1. T & A Fitzgerald – Grianan Showman, 372223154910821, 4th Sep 17, Grianan Parker, Grianan Orange O725
  2. Michael O’Keeffe – Drominarigle 1 Special 744, 372213625380744, 26th Sep 17, Gurteragh Oakley, Drominarigle 1 Sydney 611
  3. Liam & Eoin Reilly – Bridge House Robert, 372219607370100, 23/Oct/17, Moyclare Lieutenant,
    Beihy Helena
  4. Trevor Dudley – Kilsunny Oscar, 372219778711665, 12th Oct 17, Clooncullane King 322, Kilsunny Lass Josslyn
  5. Tadhg Fogarty – Kilkeary Brian, IE331124080391, 3rd Oct 17, Cill Cormaic Marvel, Balleen Pride 776

Class 10: Bull Calf born in November & December 2017 (Sponsor: Slaney Meats)

  1. Michael O’Keeffe – Gurteragh Aristocrat 758, 372213625350758, 25th Nov 17, Balleen Bonus, Gurteragh Fantasy 367
  2. Michael Dullea – Deelish 1 Turbo, 372214011950738, 14th Dec 17, Dendor 1 Kohinoor PP, Tanavalla Jemma
  3. Padraig Farrell – Cave Hill Harry, 372216463520390, 3rd Nov 17, Trillick Hotspur, Cave Hill Hermione
  4. Padraig Mc Grath – Kye Harry 812, 372214969210812, 20th Dec 17, Freetown Hotspur, Kye Sheila 572
  5. Timothy Breen – Coisceim King, 372226375390015, 15th Dec 17, Gurteragh Justice, Gurteragh Linsey

Class 11: Bull Calf born in January & February 2018 (Sponsor: Animax)

  1. Christine Drumm – Crowenstown MacArthur, 372223810260005, 2nd Jan 18, Allowdale Ribstone 436 ET, Crowenstown Arabella Ivy
  2. John Appelbe – Appel 1 Paddy, 372214625761604, 9th Jan 18, Moeskaer Pacman, Appel 1 Molly

Class 97Christine Drumm with her winner of the above class “Crowenstown MacArthur”

Class 12: Bull Calf born in March or April 2018 (Sponsor: Dovea Genetics)

  1. Michael Molloy – Moyclare Royal, 372223914630443, 3rd Mar 18, Free Town Nadel, Moyclare Rose 27th
  2. Nigel Heatrick – Glaslough Transformer, 372222650011298, 2nd Apr 18, Ballyaville Ger, Glaslough Joyce
  3. T & A Fitzgerald – Grianan Snoopy, 372223154920839, 2nd Mar 18, Grianan Parker, Grianan Cooperobin 584
  4. Michael Dullea – Deelish 1 Davinci, 372214011950770, 11th Mar 18, Graceland 1 Giovani, Ballinaught Penny
  5. Joe Deverell – Ballyaville Lonny, 372215622142189, 12th Apr 18, Corran Hill Countryboy, Bally-aville Rnay

Class 13: Bull Calf of the Future – born from May 1st onwards (Sponsor: ABP)

  1. John Neenan & Tommy Creegan – Tullaha Carter, 372217610390355, 22nd May 18, Clondrina 1069th, Tullaha Kora
  2. Gerry McNamara – Churchcross Hurler, 372213997020924, 7th Jul 18, Panmure 1 Henry, Allowdale Serena
  3. John Canty – Port 1 Adam, 372215916111110, 29th July 18, Balleen Revival, Port 1 Isobel

class 13Tommy Creegan with his Bull Calf of the Future “Tullaha Carter”

Peoples Champion Competition

Reserve Senior Champion “Grianan Showman” owned by Tom & Anselm Fitzgerald, Moate, Co. Westmeath attracted the most votes from viewers present on the day with Tommy Creegan, from Charleville being announced as the winner.

Huge thanks to all our sponsors and those who attended on the day, we hope you enjoyed the show.  A sepcial  thanks to the North Leinster Branch, they put a huge amount of work in the weeks running up to the show ensuring everything was in order and last but not least we would like to extend our appreciation to Mr. William Smith for Judging the proceedings. William is truly a great stockman and is a credit to any breed society.North Leinster Branch Chairman Niall Daly and Secretary Robert Jones make Presentation to William Smith for his expert judging skills at the event

2018 Calf Show Gallery

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