Bantry Show 2018

Not even the rain could deter exhibitors from coming to the final show of the season in West Cork. With 34 entries, it was sure to be a fantastic day out for all exhibitors involved. Tim Breen from Kiskeam came home with the championship for his cow “Gurteragh Linsey” and Michael O’ Keeffe claimed Reserve Champion for his yearling bull calf “Drominarigle 1 Special”

Judge: Shane Healy

Champion: Tim Breen- “Gurteragh Linsey”

Reserve Champion: “Drominarigle 1 Special”


Pedigree Male calf born on or after 01/01/18

  1. Tim Breen- “Coisceim Kaz” | Sire: Lisnalurg Celtic
  2. Gene Lynch- “Droumdaniel Beckett” | Sire: Allowdale Exceller
  3. Adrian Bateman- “Slieveroe Sunny” | Sire: FH William

Pedigree Male calf born on or after 01/09/17

  1. Michael O’ Keeffe- “Drominarigle 1 Special
  2. Gene Lynch- “Droumdaniel Ciaran” | Sire: Brocca Kieran
  3. Michael Dullea- “Deelish 1 Turbo” | Sire: Dendor 1 Kohinoor

Pedigree Female calf born on or after 01/01/18

  1. Dermot Whelton- “Hazel Grove Eclipse”
  2. Michael O’ Keeffe
  3. Dermot Whelton- “Hazel Grove Ella”

Pedigree Female calf born on or after 01/09/17

  1. Mary Pat Dinneen- “Dunworley Faith” | Sire:YLO
  2. Dermot Whelton- “Hazel Grove Damzel”
  3. Mary Pat Dinneen- “Dunworley Heather” | Sire:GGM

Pedigree Maiden or in calf heifer born on or before 31/08/17

  1. Dermot Whelton- “Hazel Grove Crystal”
  2. Tim Breen
  3. Gene Lynch- “Droumdaniel Ella 858” | Sire: TIB

Pedigree Cow any Age

  1. Tim Breen- “Gurteragh Linsey” | Sire: Gurteragh Gladiator
  2. Paddy & Tom Hickey- “Skehanore Thelma” | Sire: Moyclare Courattle
  3. Adrian Bateman- “Slieveroe Ophelia” | Sire: Woodview Seargent

Pedigree Bull any age

  1. Gene Lynch- “Droumdaniel Rambler” | Sire: Allowdale Exceller
  2. Patrick O’ Donnell- “Glenvalley Paddy Patch” | Sire: GGM

Pair of Pedigree Herefords

  1. Dermot Whelton- “Hazel Grove Crystal & Damzel”
  2. Gene Lynch- “Droumdaniel Rambler & Ella 858”
  3. Mary Pat Dinneen- “Dunworley Faith & Heather”

Report & Photos: Clodagh Lynch

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