Mohill  Show 2018

Mohill Celebrated its 91st annual show with a turnout of 45 Hereford cattle across the classes.

Champion: Coote Geelan with “Mountwilliams Kevin”

Reserve Champion: Shane Kilrane with “Drumboy Rachel”    Son Aodhan Kilrane below with the Cup for Champion Hereford Female on the day


Calf Champion: Mark Hyland “HillockPoll 1 Hannah”


Class 1: Hereford Bull born prior to 1st January 2018

  1. Coote Geelan “MountWilliams Kevin”
  2. Michael Lynch “Shroid Tiger”
  3. Paddy Farrell

Class 2: Pedigree Hereford Cow

  1. Sean Kilrane “Drumboy Rachel” 18-3-2011
  2. Sean Kilrane “DrumboyPoll 1 Shonagh” 1-6-2013
  3. Coote Geelan “DERNAROY 1 GEORGINA”

Class 3: Hereford heifer born prior to 1st September 2016

  1. Coote Geelan “Baltymore Ann 486, 5th Jun 2016

Class 4: Hereford Heifer born between 1st Sept and 31st Dec 2017

  1. Mark Hyland  “HillockPoll 1 Dorothy” 28-1-2017
  2. Sinead Conry
  3. Coote Geelan “Baltymore Thora 499”, 9th Nov 2016

Class 5: Hereford bull calf born 1st January to 31st March

  1. Katie & Ann Brady
  2. Mattie Moran “Tyrawley Jumbo”

Class 6: Hereford heifer Calf born 1st January to 31st March

  1. Mark Hyland “HillockPoll 1 Hannah”
  2. Sean Kilrane
  3. Coote Geelan

 Class 7: Hereford calf male or female born after 1st April 2018

  1. David Faughnan
  2. Sean Kilrane “Drumboy Nawty”
  3. Coote Geelan

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