What a day for Herefords at the Gurteragh and Newstar Sale

 Part of the huge crowd in attendance

Part of the huge crowd in attendance

What a day, what a crowd, what a sale, what a clearance of Hereford stock at the Gurteragh and Newstar clearance sale at Kanturk Mart for well-known breeders Michael & Brian O’Keeffe. Over 115 bidders registered to bid for stock at the event which attracted one of the largest crowds to attend a Hereford sale in recent years. Bidding was sharp and decisive from the outset and it very quickly became clear that a number of bidders had selected their favoured lots in advance and were prepared to bid with gusto. While existing breeders were in the running and secured several lots the sale spawned many new herds with several new entrants to the breed securing quality seed-stock for the future. Sincere good wishes to all who purchased at the event and especially to those venturing out on a new enterprise.

The star lot turned out to be lot 4 Gurteragh Grace by Border General V85 purchased by Marcus Kellegher at €4,100 and her September born daughter Orchid by Corlismore Robinhood purchased by Jim Kingston at €4,300 to total €8,400 for the pair. Grace was also the dam of Lynn sold at €4,100, Louise at €3,800, Maeve at €3,200, Neasa at €3,200 and Melody at €3,000. Interestingly Grace is out of Quinnsboro Rose 2nd, one of two heifers purchased by Michael O’Keeffe from Tom Hayes, Kildimo, Co Limerick, both sired by Tibradden Adema bred by the late WJ Twomey. Grace and her six daughters realised a total of €25,800. The second Hayes heifer purchased by Michael was Quinsboro Rose 1st whose four daughters Nightengale, Madalin, Helga 1 and Gillian sold for €3,900, €3,650, €3,500 and €3,000 respectively to total €14,050. What an investment!                                                                                                                                                             €7,000 Corlismorepoll 1 Sydney 607 – Sire Grianan Firecracker Dam Corlismorepoll 1 Sara – with her March born bull calf by Gurteragh Justice – purchaser Gerard McNamara

€4,100 Gurteragh Lynn- Sire Gurteragh Gladiator Dam Gurteragh Grace – purchaser Frank Daly

€4,000 Gurteragh Lady – Sire Newstar Hercules Dam Gurteragh Judy – purchaser Padraig Killen

€4,000 Grianan Vera J 557 – Sire Bowmont Storm A584 Dam Grianan Dana – purchaser Pauline Houlihan

€3,900 Gurteragh Nightengale – Sire Gurteragh Gladiator Dam Quinsboro Rose 1st – purchaser Padraig Killen

€3,800 Gurteragh Louise – Sire Gurteragh Gladiator Dam Gurteragh Grace – purchaser Padraig Killen

€3,750 Gurteragh North Star – Sire Corlismore Robinhood 592 Dam Knockmountagh Orla – purchaser James Thompson Jnr

€3,700 Newstar Alison – Sire F.H. Noel Dam Gurteragh Gretta – purchaser Gerard Lucey

€3,700 Gurteragh Nico – Sire Gurteragh Justice Dam Gurteragh Judy – purchaser Jim Kingston

€3,650 Gurteragh Madalin – Sire Gurteragh Gladiator Dam Quinnsboro Rose 1st – purchaser Enda Flynn

€3,600 Grianan Katrina – Sire Lisrace Lifeliner Dam Gurteragh Extra – purchaser Kieran Harty

€3,600 Gurteragh Jenny- Sire Glaslough Dandy Dam Gurteragh Evelyn – purchaser Lisa & Niall Holloway Daly

€3,500 Gurteragh Helga 1- Sire Glaslough Dandy Dam Quinsboro Rose 1st – purchaser Cahill McGrath

€3,500 Corlismore Ursla 599 – Sire Grianan Firecracker Dam Corlismore Ursla – purchaser Cahaill McGrath

€3,400 Gurteragh Halley – Sire Glaslough Dandy Dam Ballypherode Starlet – purchaser Richard Lawlor

€3,400 Newstar Adelaid – Sire F.H. Noel Dam Newstar Katie – purchaser Kieran Harty

€3,300 Slieveroe Kate- Sire Bowmont Storm A584 Dam Gurteragh Fancy- purchaser Seamus Rohan

€3,300 Gurteragh Montana –Sire Gurteragh Gladiator Dam Ballypherode Starlet – purchaser James Thompson

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