Hereford Cow Calf Pair Sell to 7,200 at Lislaughtin

It is difficult to imagine that a lifetime’s work can be dispersed in an hour and half. Such was the demand for pedigree Hereford cows calves and heifers at the dispersal of the well-known Lislaughtin Hereford herd at Ballylongford that it was difficult to keep the lots flowing through the sale ring.

Purchasers travelled from all parts including Northern Ireland to secure a piece of the action. Just less than 90 minutes following the opening bid auctioneer Hugh Mulvihill thanked those present for their prompt bidding. He also stated that demand for Hereford sired stock at the marts for both stores and finished cattle is currently buoyant.

Society auctioneer Hugh Mulvihill in full flight
Society auctioneer Hugh Mulvihill in full flight

The first cow into the ring Lislaughtin Jessica 11th was very quickly knocked down to Co. Offaly breeder David Larkin at 2,600. She was immediately followed by her eight month old heifer calf Alma 9th which sold at 2,550 to Co. Longford Hereford breeders E. & P. Jones, Kenagh. Breeder Michael Molloy from Belmont Co. Offaly secured the cow following Jessica 5th at 2,550.  It was however the following lot a cow Jessica 15th at 3,200 and her February born heifer calf Alma 10th by Grianan Gaffer at 4,000 to total €7,200 which was the high light of the day selling to a Co. Cork couple with a small but very select herd which they have carefully assembled in recent years.

Northern Ireland buyers secured the next two lots with Jessica 6th knocked down to M. & L. Moore, Co. Tyrone at 2,200 and her February bull calf at 2,100 to David Smyth, Co. Down.  Well known Tipperary breeder John Paul Kennedy secured the pair Jessica 16th at 3,150 and her March born daughter Bella 2nd at 2,100 to total 5,250 for the family.  New entrant Ben Murphy purchased a cow calf pair Jessica 21st and her late April bull calf at 3,600. Jessica 21st and her bull calf the April born Suarez 2nd sold to Co. Meath breeder John Canty at 3,400. In calf heifer Rebecca 28th sold at 2,800 to S. & N. Heatrick while the maiden heifers sold from 1,800 to 2,600.  CF3

The Lislaughtin herd was built up over 40 years by Harold and the late Eva Fitzell and is a tribute to their dedication to the breed over those years.  Advancing years and a change of farming system has resulted in the dispersal of a very useful herd which will no doubt breed well for those fortunate enough to secure some of the bloodlines on offer.CF2CF120140830_131423


Photos: Clara Fitzell and Anne Feeney

The Society’s autumn sales take place at Tullamore on Saturday October 18th and at Kilmallock on Friday October 24th.

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